Ask MYHD: Can I mix 2 Colours together?

I love one Colour but it's not dark enough and the next Colour is too dark. Can I create an in-between Colour?

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Dear My Hairdresser,

Currently I am Colouring my Hair with a 5 Light Brown. I love the Colour, but its not dark enough. When I look at the next darkest Colour, 3 Dark Brown, its too dark. Is it possible to get a Colour in between these two Colours, like a 4? Can I mix the 5 Light Brown and 3 Dark Brown together to get my Colour?

My Hairdresser

Hi April,

YES YES YES! We love mixing Colour and the freedom it gives you. Sometimes you can’t get everything you want out of one tube and mixing gives you the best of each Colour to combine into a beautiful shade. Mixing 3 and 5 is a great combination! It gives you a delicious Brunette, we use it quite a lot. We even like mixing a 3 and 5.3 to add a little bronzed hue.

There are no strict rules to mixing, just stick with these tips.

Keep one Colour a Natural. e.g. 5 Light Brown, 7 Medium Blonde
Mix a Natural with a Golden, Chocolate, Copper or Red Colour to add some warmth.
Mix a Natural with an Ash or Beige Colour, to cool your Colour down.
You can mix warm and warm Colours and cool and cool Colours.
Its pointless to mix a warm Colour with a cool Colour, they will counteract each other.
Don’t feel bound to only two Colours to mix.
Make sure you write down the Colour formula.

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