"You Can’t Go Blonde At Home" and 6 Hair Colouring Cliche’s Worth Breaking

Every Home Hair Colourer Should Read This.

Growing up in the Hair industry I have been asked millions of questions about Hair Colour. Friends, family, strangers at parties are always eager for some free Hair advice and it always gives me a buzz when I have shared a piece of information with them that helps them action into trying something new.

Breaking down barriers is a major part of what I do, and what really excites me, and my latest challenge is not a small one. Oh Hair cliches, a royal pain in my side and hopefully after this, there will be less out there to grind my gears. So I’ve tackled 7 Hair cliches head on that I hope will help you breakdown those barriers and put your mind to rest about Colouring, so you can just get on with the job.

You can’t go Blonde at home.

Ugh. Blondes are as easy to Colour as Brunettes, it’s just when you’re lightening it’s more likely you’ll hit a snag. That’s because more often than not, many make the mistake of using Bleach to reach their Blonde goals. We’ll never recommend Bleach to anyone that isn’t a seasoned pro because it’s a serious product with serious consequences, so if you’re not a pro we recommend staying well away from it. Also, there’s no need to rely on Bleach when there’s a range of Blonde Shades that offer so much more variety than Bleach ever could and without the damage.

There’s only one Blonde and that is Platinum.

Double Ugh. You are not limited to one Blonde Shade. Blondes extend from Dark Blonde to Extra Light Blonde encompassing different hues to fill your dreams. See Blonde Shades featuring creamy Beige pigments or dewy Natural hues or smooth Ash Tones or Blonde with big hits of vibrancy or buoyant with Warmth. And unlike Bleach, these Blonde Hair Colour Shades feature deep conditioning ingredients that hydrate your Hair, leaving it glossy and shiny.

What is the point of Colouring if you’re not Grey?

Why wait until you see Silvers to start Colouring? It doesn’t make sense! Colouring doesn’t need to be an extreme sport. If you’re into classic Shades, the Naturals Range will deliver the glossiest, shiniest Hair of your life while sticking in the Colour Range you’re used to. To add a little punch to your Colour, a Golden Shade adds a healthy glow to your Hair Colour without going overboard and on the flip side, a Cool Ash or Beige Shade will smooth your Colour right out with calming Colour pigments.

Gold is a Hair Colour nightmare.

If your Hair Colour is sun-bleached, brassed out and tarnished by the water and sun, of course, that’s when Gold has gone astray and needs to be Toned down, immediately. But that delicious Golden hue will revitalise your Hair, flushing it with Warm, radiant energy and giving your skin a healthy glow. In addition, Golden pigments absorb Light for a glossier, thicker Hair Colour.

A Dark Shade can cover up any Colour disaster.

Please. Stop. Now. Before. You. Regret. It. So you’ve had a shocker, don’t run to the chemist and pick up another Colour to cover it all up, especially with a Dark Shade. You’ll just coat your Hair with another product, adding another layer you’ll have to Colour Remove out at a later date. Especially with a Black Hair Colour because it will take a lot to budge it out.

I can throw whatever Brunette over my Hair and it will work.

And while we’re at it — picking up whatever Brunette hue you’ve got and throwing it over your Hair makes our blood boil. Brunettes are so diverse. You’ll find rich, classic Shades, glossy Natural hues or bronzed Chocolate pigments that each come with their own unique characteristics. Can you imagine having glowing, Chocolate ends and then picking up a Black Hair Colour for your Regrowth. You’ll have a patchy, hopscotch Hair Colour and a healthy dose of Colour Banding. Please, commit to a Colour, touch up your Regrowth when necessary and when you need to use the Colour Top Up Technique to reignite the vibrancy through your ends.

When you're Colouring, you use the full box.

Whoever said this was a good idea?!?! Who! Sure, a new Colour application requires it to be applied to your full Hair, but when it comes to your Regrowth touchups stick to your Regrowth! If you apply your Hair Colour to your entire Hair with every Regrowth touch up, you’ll accumulate Colour Build Up, Colour Banding and an all-round drab Hair Colour. Like I mentioned above, if you do need to bring the Colour back to your ends use the Colour Top Up Technique to reinvigorate your Hair Colour without loading up with product.

Now that’s off my chest, are there are cliches you know and need some clearing up? Leave them in the comments below.

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