Yes! Dark Blonde Should Definitely Be Your Next Hair Colour

The born-this-way-Blonde is a must and all-time team My Hairdresser favourite.

I’ve written before about the influence Pinterest and Instagram have over my Hair Colour choices. One scroll and that’s it, I’m on a bandwagon. And the problem? I work in an office with a f(h)airy godmother who works with a “your wish is my command” outlook.

So you can imagine the trouble I can get into with our office Instagram inspiration group, where we fling posts backend forth with quick “OMG this”, “do you think I would suit her Colour” or “this gives me life” and alike messages underneath. Currently, there seems to be a real trend forming in this group, an outlier sitting way out above the rest that we’re all infatuated with at the moment — Dark Blonde.

Oh, the middle child of the family we love you. You’re not too Light, just Dark enough, looks phenominal straight, curly, glassed up and is so Colour friendly and achievable for most Hair types. It’s the chic, effortlessness of this Colour and the way it perfectly harmonises with the skin tone that really sucks you in.

She, Dark Blonde, comes in Naturally styled, creamed up with Beige hues or intensified with Violet, Copper and Red pigments, but it’s the Cool and Natural styles that are currently tickling our fancy. Take a scroll, I’ve added in some favourite picks from the ‘gram group and then let us know what you think!

Colour Match: Dark Blonde
We love: The low key-ness of her Colour and the born this way balance of the Dark Blonde in general. It’s smooth, it’s fresh, it’s so very loveable.
Tip: This is the perfect Colour choice for any Light Blondes looking for a deeper, sumptuous Blonde.

Colour Match: Dark Beige Blonde
We love: How the Colour looks through the wave of the curls and that hint of crisp dirty Blonde through the ends.
Tip: Use this Shade over a bland or a dull dirty Blonde to add some oomph and give your Colour presence.

Colour Match: Dark Blonde
We love: The simple opulence of this Blonde and how it so easily floats through the lengths of her Hair.
Tip: If your Natural Hair Colour is Dark Brown use Dark Blonde with a 30 Volume Developer to get that extra lift.

Colour Match: Dark Blonde with Light Brown Lowlights and Honey Highlights.
We love: The tonal variations humming throughout her Hair.
Tip: If you’re Colouring already Lightened Hair, leave a few choice pieces of Hair out to create a sun kissed style.

Colour Match: Dark Blonde warmed up with some Golden Blonde.
We love: How diverse Dark Blonde is and how a hint of Golden pigment brings that bronzed buzz right out.
Tip: A squeeze of Gold in your Colour mixture will bring that energy your Hair Colour has been searching for.

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