Holiday Hair vs Work Hair

This staycation, I discovered my Hair had two very different personalities.

Once our office doors closed for our end of year summer break, it seemed like my Hair had decided there and then that it had its own agenda - I call this character Holiday Hair - and would rarely consult me on how it was going to perform.

Maybe it was the staycation that made Holiday Hair feel way too comfortable in its natural habitat or that it wanted to let its Hair down after an exhaustingly long year, I quickly started to see my Hair as two characters - Holiday Hair and Work Hair.

Here’s what I noticed.

Work Hair loves its morning comb to look presentable for the day. Holiday Hair abandoned it. Instead, I found myself combing my Hair with my fingers of an afternoon after my day in the sun where I would find stowaway pieces of seaweed in my Hair. The only stowaway Work Hair is used to is a stray bobby pin.

Holiday Hair had a summer romance with hats, something work Hair sees very little of. Holiday Hair found that not only are hats great sun protectors, they are also useful to shove messy Hair under without any questions - work Hair would dread the hat Hair.

Work Hair demands regular washing due to oily Hair and hating feeling filthy no matter how clean the rest of my body is. Work Hair feels second day Hair makes it feel like a heater. As soon as Holiday Hair entered the room, it considered this act a chore and burden and a complete waste of time. Work Hair would point out this is why there was stowaway seaweed.

Work Hair, although not perfect, would never do those messy buns where you flip your Hair around your elastic multiple times, because of how it damages the ends of my Hair. Holiday Hair threw all caution to the wind and did these buns multiple times with salty and seaweed encrusted Hair, so it resembled a small birds nest on the top of my Hair.

And now, just like that, I'm back at work with Work Hair who has been disgusted at the tom foolery that has carried on while it was away, not to mention that today's morning comb was through salty hair from my morning swim.

Maybe Holiday Hair was always in the building.

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