Why The Single Shade is the MVP of Hair Colour

It's the only Hair Colour you'll ever need.

Hair Colouring can be a complex beast. Highlights, Lowlights, baby lights, ombre, balayage you know the rest and you also know your options are endless. So it comes to no surprise to me that the Single Shade is often swept aside for the pursuit of something bigger when if I’m honest, it is probably the MVP of Hair Colour, sent from the gods of Colour.

Imagine a Hair Colour that is as Natural and glassy or as vibrant and glowy as you want, packaged all together in one single tube just waiting to be mixed in with a Developer and applied to your Hair. The Single Shade is just that and you’ll knock your socks off with how glossy it makes your Hair look and how super silky it feels combing through your fingers.

Yes, the Single Shade is simple, low maintenance, easy to apply (all over your Hair for the first application, then to your Regrowth only during touchups) and perfect for grey coverage. When the rest of your Colour is looking a little flat, use the Colour Top Up Technique to bring it back to life.

The hardest part of the Single Shade is deciding which Hair Colour you will choose and which will compliment your skin tone to completely blow you away.

Warm Skin Tones (Warm, Olive and Bronzed Skin Tones with majority Brown, Golden Brown or Hazel eye Colours) should stick with Warm Shades full of bronzed Honey Golden Tones, rich Caramels and Chestnuts or fierce Copper hues. If you want your Hair to look thicker and voluminous the big double pigment Shades like Copper Blonde, Chocolate Blonde or Chocolate Brown will really bring your Hair Colour to life, while adding depth in the process.

Cool Skin Tones (Light, Fair Skin Tones with majority Blue, Green or Emerald eye Colours) should avoid the Colours mentioned above and flock to Cooler Shades with sleeker Ash finishes, creamy Beige Shades or berry Plum and Violet Shades. If you’re looking for a classic, ultra glassy solid Colour you’ll find your match in a Natural Hair Colour.

So if any of this is ringing true to you, I suggest you try the Single Shade and let me know how it goes.

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