What is a filter free Hair Colour? And how is it so glossy?

And how does it reinvigorate Hair like that?

In the age of the selfie, the requirements for the perfect photo are rather demanding and none more than finding the right lighting. How many times have you heard someone be thankful for filters, after assessing what they’ve just snapped?

Living your best Hair life involves no filter, because you won’t need one. The funny thing is people really, and we mean frustratingly, really underestimate what a Hair Colour can do for them because when you’ve chosen the right hue, it’s not just your Hair that is deeply satisfied, your Skin Tone will be singing back at you too.

So when you want your skin glowing and your Hair to look thicker and shinier there is only one Hair Colour hue that can do it — Warmth. Adding a gloss of glowing, Golden Tones through your Hair, flushing it with Warmth. opening up your Hair and face the same way the suns rays open up a sunflower.


Don’t all Hair Colours do this, you may ask? No. Warm and Cool Colours work differently. Cool Hair Colours (any shades with Ash, Beige or Silver pigments) are flat, sleek Colours that are superiorly smooth but will find any shadow, dark spot or wrinkle if you let them.

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Warm Hair Colours are like mirrors — whenever they meet light, light bounces back (similar to the reason you added that mirror down your hallway) making your Hair looking expansive, fuller and extremely glossy. And you want the expansiveness to bring the light into both your face and Hair, swapping the shadowing for a brighter, energised complexion and Hair Colour.

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Warmth loves Warm Skin Tones but if Warmth causes you angst, a squeeze of these flavours is a enough to get the glow going. Blending a Warm Shade with a Natural (for example: Mix 1/4 tube of 7.3 Golden Blonde with 3/4 tube of 7 Medium Blonde) for a subtle sun kissed Hair Colour blend. Alternatively, using a single Golden Colour will give you the full force effect.


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