What is a Colour filler? And do I need one?

When you're Colouring from a Lightened Blonde to a Brunette, a Hair Colour filler pumps the potency back into your Colour for a smooth, even Hair Colour.

Have you ever jumped down the Colour ladder, skipped a step and fell flat on your face because you slipped on your Colour choices? Or in other words, Coloured your Hair from a Lightened Blonde to a Brunette to be surprised with a Khaki Green, Brown Colour?

If you’re nodding your head while reading this, it’s time to learn about Hair Colour fillers.

What is a Hair Colour filler?

A Colour filler is like the cream centre of your Oreo; it’s a Colour you use in between your current Colour and the Colour you want to be. Its job is to build your Hair Colour pigment back into your Hair that gets taken out when you’ve Bleached or Coloured your Hair Lighter.

When do you need a Hair Colour filler?

You need a Colour filler when you are transitioning more than 3 levels from Light to Dark.
For example: You are currently a 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde and want to be a 5 Light Brown, which is a change of 5 levels.

Where does it need to be applied to?

Apply your Colour filler to your already Lightened Hair only. It does not need to be applied to your Regrowth.

What Hair Colours should you use as a Colour filler?

Hair Colours with Warm / Golden pigments. As you Lighten your Hair you are removing the Warmer Red and Orange pigment from your Hair, these are the pigments used to build Dark Hair Colours. When you begin the process of Darkening your Hair you need to put these Warm pigments back into your Hair, so your new Darker Colour has a solid base to build off.

For your filler Colour choose a Colour 1-2 shades Lighter than your goal Brunette.

What happens if I don’t use a Colour filler?

You’ll skip a step on the ladder down, causing a tumble. Without your Lightened Hair having the added Warm Colour filler pigment, your new Brunette won’t have enough pigment to grab and build off. This means you’ll have an uneven Hair Colour, with a distinct difference between your Regrowth and Lightened ends. You may find your Hair Colour looks Green and lacks oomph and potency.

What Developer should I use with my Colour filler?

No Lift Developer.

For example.

Current Colour: 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde.

Goal Colour: 5.53 Chocolate Brown. Lou is looking for that classic, robust Brunette that has vibrant, Warm Tones.

Colour filler: Lou needs to use a Colour 1-2 shades Lighter, so she chooses a 7.3 Golden Blonde and No Lift Developer and applies the Colour mix over her Lightened Hair only and processes.

She can then proceed to Colouring with her Goal Colour over the top of her entire head.

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