We’re Obsessed With Matching Our Hair Colour To The Seasons

Discover the art of seasonal Hair Colouring and unlock the Colour benefits of adapting your Shade to the seasons.

When a new season begins to poke its head through the clouds bringing crisp mornings or longer nights, we know its time to change tack and start manifesting our new Colour style to be in tune with the new season heading our way.

Yes, seasonal Hair Colouring is a thing and we think it’s about time more people embraced it like they do their new seasons wardrobe.

Adjusting your Hair Colour to suit Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring weather isn’t just a Colour statement, it's acclimatising your Hair Colour so it is conducive to the season. For example — A seasonal Hair Colourer would never choose an Intense or Vibrant Colour in the peak of Summer, particularly when they are an avid beach lover. They know the sun and water will zap their Colour of all its intensity and leave them spending the Summer managing their Colours vibrancy harder than their schedule.

Now, there is an art to the trans-seasonal Colour that doesn’t involve taking your Hair Colour to the extremes and following this Colouring guide will have you adapting pronto.

Rules of a Colour Changer

Choose Colours that compliment and mesh with the seasons. For example: choose low maintenance, less vibrant shades during Summer as the sun and water wipes out a Hair Colours intensity.

Alter the Colour level in this guide to fit your Hair and Skin Type.

Not all Colour changes need to be extreme, added hints and hues go far.

A year in the life of the Seasonal Colourer


Like little pockets of sunshine, Summer is about Light. Say yes to Blondes, Platinum Blondes and Highlights and no to Vibrant Colours that the sun will drain all intensity from upon first meeting. If Blonde is too far a stretch Lightening your Colour a few shades will make all the difference, bringing some energy and enthusiasm back into your Hair and Skin Tone.

We like our Blonde’s Toned with a side of Ash or Beige to keep the added Summer Warmth at bay and keep the salty dreams alive. And the Highlights we speak of can easily be casually painted through with a Tint Brush or the tips of your fingers.


Your Colour should mimic the hues around you — falling yellow and Orange leaves, crisp Colourful sunrises and potent afternoon shades. And so, choosing bronzed Colours with Golden, Copper and Red hues that refill a worn out Summer Colour and top up your Hair Colours intensity are key.

My Hairdresser
Dark Copper Blonde
My Hairdresser


Like the Warm drink your holding, Winter is for indulgent Chocolates and Deep Brunettes that are as rich and glossy as a clear Winters night. If those shades are too deep for you, swap them for a Dark Blonde variety to keep with the same Winter dramatics.

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
My Hairdresser


And like that we’re at Spring and its time to clean out the last 3 seasons worth of Hair Colours before prepping your Spring shade that will lead to your Summer one. First things first, Colour Remove your Colour and probable Colour Build Up into a refreshed Natural Hair Colour of the Light Brown to Medium Blonde variety.

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser
Light Ash
Toner Kit
My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde

So tell us, are you a convert?

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