Want The Best Hair Of Your Life? Start With These Resolutions

Resolutions you can actually achieve.

Manifesting a new year seems different this year like a fresh start is essential, not optional. Top priority is, for us, always making your Hair dreams come true. So now you've chinked your glasses and manifested your successful year ahead, focusing on these resolutions will get you closer to your dream Hair and keep it looking beautiful all year long.

Resolution #1: Touch Ups are fundamental to fabulous.

You may think your next touch up is just to cover your dark roots or hide your greys, but have you noticed the difference it makes to your mental health? Spending time on yourself is essential, muting the noise of life right out while you do your Colour pays dividends. Is there a better feeling than looking back in a mirror seeing yourself fresh Haired and bright-eyed?

Resolution #2: Prioritise health and quality

Split ends will never come back together so stop hanging onto false hope, chop them off. Your Hair will thank you for getting regular Hair cuts as well as investing in quality products that keep your Hair happy and healthy.

Resolution #3: Stop constantly changing your Colour

If you haven't set this as a resolution before, it is a must. We love a Colour change up or tweaking your hue to get it just right, but one Hair Colour this month, then a Semi next month, lazy box Colour after that, obliterates any good you have done for your Hair. Cheap supermarket box Colours will dry out your Hair, let alone the Colour Banding and Build Up it causes. Chat with our Colour Consultants to help you get to your Colour dreams, so you can keep thriving!

Resolution #4: Recognise the restorative powers of a clean out

If you're obsessed with never wasting a drop so you'll always spread every last bit of your mixture through your ends each time you Colour, you'll find your ends are built up with dull, even darker looking, ends. It's easy to assume a total overhaul of your Hair is necessary, but there is a quick fix — cleanse your Hair using Colour Remover over the Build Up to clean the pigment out and help you get your Colour back to its prime. Stopping Build Up is an easy solution, applying your Colour mixture to your Regrowth only and using the Colour Top Up Technique through your ends if you think your Colour needs some enhancing.

My Hairdresser

Resolution #5: Always say no to the brassies

Being proactive and always having a Toner Kit on hand is a boss move. Cool the nasty brassies as soon as you notice them, you'll probably find they appear more commonly when you're spending more time in the sun and sea. Light Blonde, Dark Blonde or Brunette we've got the Toner Kit for your needs.

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser
Dark Ash
Toner Kit
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Pearl Blonde
Toner Kit

Resolution #6: Don't fall into the trap of too much Blonde

We love a Blonde moment (we're only human) but we've seen it all too many times where Colourer's strive for lighter, lighter, lighter Hair with each application. This overlapping wears Hair out, damaging it and causing breakage. Before your next Blonde session, spend some time thinking about the shade you want and developing a plan or chat with a Colour Consultant who can show you the path ahead.

Resolution #7: Comb and Clip your way to better Hair

Show your Hair you love it by choosing products that help protect it. Our favourite accessory everyone should own is a Wide Tooth Comb. It detangles without ripping your Hair and can be used when your Hair is wet, dry, even helping blend your Colour mixture. The same with a clip, it helps prevent the ripping and breakage a typical elastic causes and looks fab-u-lous at the same time.

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Wide Tooth

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