This shade is our most popular Hair Colour right now

Meet the new leader of the pack.

Once upon a time our most popular Hair Colours were dominated by deep, dark Brunettes’s who have in the last few years been replaced for lighter (admittedly only slighter) Natural, Warmer Brunettes. All except for our #1 Colour, that has jumped ship and climbed the Colour chart way into the top of the Blonde family.

Unsurprisingly to us, our most popular Hair Colour is 9.1 Light Ash Blonde.

We can appreciate 9.1 Light Ash Blonde’s rise to the top. It’s Light Blonde Tones and strong Ash reflects blend into a smoky, chic Blonde that is a fan favourite because of its no nonsense finish. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Colour with its same smooth, minimal appearance and personality.

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But it’s 9.1’s diversity that makes it so popular.

9.1 Light Ash Blonde is our #1 Colour Toner. Its genius lies in the ability to Tone while you Colour, with its Cool Ash Tones soothing down any Warmth into a Neutral or Natural Hair Colour depending on your Colour preference.

Or mix 9.1 with No Lift Developer, to create a Toner that will give you better, longer lasting results compared to a purple shampoo. Plus the Colour’s packed with conditioners and olive oil, that nourish your Hair at the same time.

So will 9.1 Light Ash Blonde suit you? 9.1 isn’t for everyone and suits those with Cool skin undertones. If you are Naturally Blonde or a Dark Blonde / Light Brown this Colour is achievable, but if your Naturally darker - 9.1 might not be for you.

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