The Only Product I Will Ever Use To Tone My Blonde

I’ve never found a Toning solution that works so perfectly, keeps my Hair Toned for so long, protects my Hairs health and has my #1 priority — promotes shine.

If I’ve learnt anything from this year it has been centered around one theme - excess. Since Feb/March it became clear that I had to stop sweating the small stuff, simplify my life and focus on the things that brought happiness. My wardrobe was purged, drawers emptied, cupboards cleaned — anything to ensure my life was no longer clogged up with the non essentials. No part of my life has been saved. I’ve streamlined my beauty, finally used all my masks I had been collecting, finished up my lotions and potions and settled on a regime that was simple and effective.

One habit I never waned from was my Hair. I quickly understood keeping my Colour fresh and my roots touched up was a necessity, looking back in the mirror, seeing a head full of regrowth and a brassy Blonde did nothing for my psyche. Sticking to this routine was the consistency that I needed in such an unstable time.

I’m not messing around anymore, I know what works for me and what protects the integrity of my Colour and as an over the top warmth producer, I can never be too far from a Toner. I don’t like Toning shampoos or treatments because they leave Hair flat and shine-less. My Hair is long, I want my Colour to be bounding in shine, I love when the light hits my curls emitting a dewy shine. I’m also very specific about the hue I like.

And I’ve found “the one”. I will not consider any other Toner again, why would I? I’ve never found a solution that works so perfectly, lasts so long, protects my Hairs health and has my #1 priority — promotes shine.

The Toner Kit contains everything you need — a Light Blonde Ash pigment that does the cooling, a No Lift Developer to activate the pigment and an Applicator Bottle to pour your Colour and Developer into, screw the lid on and squeeze through your Hair.

My Hairdresser
Light Ash
Toner Kit

Yes, it sounds simple, because it is! When toning, its essential to keep a close eye on your Hair, washing it as soon as you have reached your desired Colour. Personally, I need to use the full 20 minutes whereas others may only need a few minutes. I Tone every time I touch up my roots and will do the two together, starting by applying the Colour mixture to my Regrowth then spreading the Toner mixture through my ends during the final 20 minutes of my Colours processing time.

Tip: I always keep my Wide Tooth Comb on hand and once I’ve spread my Toning mixture, I’ll use the comb through my ends to ensure all my strands get covered.

My Hairdresser
Wide Tooth

Afterwards my Hair feels amazing. The Colour formula is rich in olive oil hydrators that keep the moisture in, giving my Hair a silky glossy Hair Colour. And if I adjust my Hair Colours lightness, changing to a Darker Shade, I can switch to the Dark Blonde Toner Kit for a deeper Cooling Tone.

My Hairdresser
Dark Ash
Toner Kit

And if I want a creamier Tone, I can use the No Lift and Applicator Bottle with a Beige pigment like 6.2, 8.2 or 10.2 — I just need to ensure I choose a Beige Colour that is the same Lightness or Lighter than the Hair Colour I am Toning. Or try the Pearl Blonde Toner Kit.

My Hairdresser
Dark Beige Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Beige Blonde
My Hairdresser
Pearl Blonde
Toner Kit

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