The Naked Hair Colour is the ultimate Colour detox

It's time for a permanent detox.

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Detox’s are generally referred to in a very temporary sense. I just typed the word into Google and it bought up 173 000 000 results in 0.58 seconds and the top results involve a time period.

This is not that kind of detox. We’re detoxing from drained over Coloured Hair, washed out Skin Tones and high-maintenance-low-reward Colouring - for ever.

And we’re swapping it for a Naked Hair Colour; a Natural Hair Colour shade with no added reflects or pigments, just solid glossy Natural Tones that have simple names like Light Brown or Dark Blonde. They’re a similar Colour level as your regrowth and replicate virgin Hair Colour but are just better.

Why? Because they’re shinier than your virgin Hair Colour, they bring more depth to your Hair making it look glossy and that makes your Hair and skin tone glow. They’re the epitome of the I woke up like this, effortless French girl style.

How do I start getting naked?

Steer clear of vibrant or intense Colour shades.

Stop Highlighting and Bleaching.

Identify your Natural Hair Colour, the Colour of your Regrowth, and choose the Natural shade closest to it or a Colour no more than 2 shades Lighter or Darker.

Colour Remove the old Hair Colour Build Up that is smothering your Hair.

Or if you have Extra Light, Lightened Hair use a Colour filler to build your Colour back up before trying your new naked Colour.

Try stripping back with these 4 Colour shades.

Photo: Tumblr

5 Light Brown

5 Light Brown is your textbook dream Brunette that fulfils your Brunette fantasies with glassy hues and strong, shiny Brown Tones that boost and lift your Hair Colour.

Photo: Tumblr

6 Dark Blonde

6 Dark Blondes sleek Natural Tones catch the Light whenever possible. 6 Dark Blonde is the ultimate low key French shade, straight from the streets of Paris and full of sophistication.

Photo: Tumblr

7 Medium Blonde

7 Medium Blonde is our most popular Dirty Blonde shade. Its nonchalant vibes make the perfect Colour detox to embrace a shiny, soft Blonde.

Photo: Tumblr

8 Light Blonde

8 Light Blonde is the sun kissed sandy Blonde shade you used to have after long summers spent by the beach. 8”s Blonde Tones bring the brightness back into your Hair Colour giving you a smooth Light Blonde.

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