The Best Hair Colour Transformations of 2019

Our favourite Colour Transformations, big and small.

It’s that time when everyone is creating their list of best of’s — best of songs, movies, books — and we’re fully on the bandwagon because it’s the best reading of the year. To look back and realise that that happened this year can be mind-blowing, but we also know that it is also the time of year when your attention is waning (ours too).

So we’ve chosen the best Colour Transformations that really take the cake — now let’s get on with it before the new year begins.

The best Dark to Light transformations

At the beginning of the year, Charlize Theron’s seismic shift away from her signature Blonde in exchange for a glassy, superbly feminine Brunette may have been the transformation of 2019. But then she blew our minds all over again when she appeared with a fresh Golden Blonde that immediately brought all the light and energy back into her eyes and bone structure.
Copy her Colour before: 5 Light Brown
Copy her Colour after: 9.3 Golden Blonde

We’re a sucker for a heavy middle part and simple styling, so Emma Roberts cropped, Chocolate bob was an easy favourite for us. It was sad to say goodbye to her cropped cut, but her transition into a much longer, fuller Honey Blonde filled the hole left immediately.
Copy her Colour before: 5.3 Golden Blonde
Copy her Colour after: Honey Blonde

Tip: For big Dark to Light Colour transformations like this, learn how Colour Remover can help you minimise damage to your Hair.

The best Light to Dark Colour transformations

Lucy Hales minimal, heavy part crop, of course, caught our eye and although her go at Blonde wasn’t anything to write home about it, it was her returning back to her darker side that got our attention. The gloss, the classic Brunette hue, the style — there is so much to love about her fresh Hair Colour.
Copy her Colour before: 9 Very Light Blonde
Copy her Colour after: 3 Dark Brown

Bella Hadid kept us on our toes this year, gradually Lightening her Hair bit by bit until she got to her lightest, a Very Light Blonde, not far from her sister until she surprised us by flipping back to her beloved Brunette flowing in glossy Natural tones.
Copy her Colour before: Highlights through a 9 Very Light Blonde and 10.2 Light Beige Blonde Colour combination, with a 6 Dark Blonde base at her roots.
Copy her Colour after: 3 Dark Brown

Tip: When adjusting your Colour from Light to Dark, see how Hair Colour fillers can ensure you achieve an even Dark Hair Colour.

The best major Colour transformations

Rachel Brosnahan’s major Colour overhaul from a delicious, Chocolatey Warm Brunette to a creamy, butter Blonde is a complete double-take moment. We loved her Brunette and we love how her updated velvety Blonde sits perfectly with her skin tone. Both Hair Colours, to us, are winners.
Copy her Colour before: 5.53 Chocolate Brown
Copy her Colour after: 9 Light Blonde and 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde Colour combination.

The best minor Colour transformation

Not all great transformations need to be major. Nicole Kidman's swift move from a Peach Blonde vibing in vibrancy into a softer, paler Blonde that beautifully highlights her piercing Blue eyes and flawlessly frames her porcelain skin is all in all perfection. And honestly, we’ll take either.
Copy her Colour before: Peach Blonde
Copy her Colour after: 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde

All Images: Google Images

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