The 90’s Hair Colours Making A Comeback

We don't miss the blowouts and hairspray, but we're getting ready for an exciting Hair Colour revival.

Let’s get nostalgic for a minute, for a time that wasn’t too long ago. A time of big hair, distinct eyebrows, the original supermodels and grunge. The simpler time of the 90s. Forget about the over the top blow drys, that isn’t what we are pining for, it's the Hair Colour.

Yes! Those Natural hues and easy Tones. The Colours that you topped up your Natural with, or kept your Colour so close to your Natural Hair Colour, that it was so easy to maintain and knew would guarantee to suit you.

We'll call it the untouched Colour, which of course is anything but. But that's the magic of Hair Colour; it can make people believe anything. We’ve chosen 5 shades we’re excited are making a revival.

Photo: Tumblr

What is more 90s Hair than Cindy Crawford's big, semi Brunette mane? It followed all the prerequisites of 90s Hair; simple, Natural, classic and just looked untouched. This is only the work of a Natural Colour, 6 Dark Blonde to be precise. 6’s description fits hers exactly and is the perfect modern update.

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

Nothing defines the 90s more than Julia Roberts. Those crazy curls, that Volume, her smile. She championed the Copper into her trademark hue that suited only a handful. Today, emulating her shiny Coppery Blonde is easy with the Peach Blonde, who’s softer, Lighter Copper hues are far more complexion friendly and who’s depth encourages Light into your Hair, making it an extremely shiny Colour.

My Hairdresser

Photo: Tumblr

What were the 90s without the nonchalant, dirty, grungy Blonde? Those smokey, Ashy Tones that were full of enough attitude Kate Moss sported the hue but also had this insanely feminine edge at the same time. Enter 7.1 Ash Blonde. Same description, same style, just better.

My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

Ah and then there was the dirty, grungy, smoke-less Blonde. This is 90s Hair Colour at its best. It’s neither super Light nor Dark and ticks all of the 90s Colour checkpoints. Use 8 Light Blonde to get the simple, I don’t Colour my Hair Colour, Colour Tone.

My Hairdresser
Light Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

But wait, there are no 90s without the daisy Hair clipped Drew Barrymore and her sunshine Blonde. Sure she had some shockers and sometimes it was a little undertoned, but this Colour struck a chord with us and we’re campaigning for the Honey Blonde resurrection. What’s not to love? It’s not fully Golden or a straight Natural and is best achieved with a mix of 1/2 x 9 Light Blonde and 1/2 x 9.3 Golden Blonde.

My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Golden Blonde

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