Team MYHD Share Their Favourite Accessories

These essential Colouring accessories are a must have in your beauty cabinet to supercharge your home salon routine. 

Recently I asked the team what Accessories they believed they couldn't live without in their home salon and I was given a brief snapshot into the lives of our very own home Colourer's. We are a team made up of can-never-miss-a-Tone-because-we're-naturally-so-warm, Colour changers, grey coverers and vibrancy maintainers. Our needs may differ, but our beauty cabinets do not and when it comes to our regular maintenance touch ups or exciting rounds of Colour Removing or cooling brassiness — we're always going back to the same Accessories to get the job done. Your application is one part of having the perfect Hair Colour, so finding the accessories that vibe with you is essential. Keep reading to discover our favourite home salon Accessories picks that you too should have in your beauty cabinet.

Product Crate

My friends and family may consider me anal, but I just love to be organised. I like things clean and keep my Products setup so I can pick them out when I need them without creating more chaos to clean up later. The Product Crate is a new addition for me and I don't know what I did before. I love the Colour, it's so easy for me to recognise my precious Colouring products amongst the jumble of all my other beauty products. It fits all my Products, seriously, its holding capabilities are very impressive and I'm not afraid for it to be near my Tint Bowl full of product because if it gets covered in any rogue drips, I can just wipe them off.
— Hanna

My Hairdresser

Home Salon Essentials and Colour Whisk

My Colouring style is to constantly change it. I'm always making tweaks to my hue during Summer because I need more help to counter Warmth or I want more from my Colour when the dreariness of Winter takes over or like right now when I'm ready to take my Colour from Brunette back to my Blonde base. I'm an all-in kind of personality who want's to use exactly what the pro's use, so the Home Salons Essentials is my must have. It has everything you need, whether you're a first time or old-hat at Colour or Colour Removing. Add in a whisk because it is an absolute game changer — easier to mix your parts together, saves your Tint Brushes and combines your mixture like nothing else.
— Lauren

My Hairdresser
Home Essentials
My Hairdresser

Protective Cape

It might seem so basic but the Protective Cape has been a revelation for me after Colouring my Hair for over 20 years. I love the cropped style, it stops me from getting too hot and you don't get wrapped up in fabric when you move between dipping your Tint Brush in Colour and painting it on your Hair like a traditional full sized cape. And it's so easy to wash and compact to fold away ready for next time. It's worth its weight in gold.
— Susan

My Hairdresser

Tube Squeezer

I think the Tube Squeezer's simplicity may make people over look it, but I am telling you once you use it, you can't be without it. What's not to love? It gets every last bit of Colour out of the tube without crushing your hands and bursting a blood vessel attempting to squeeze it all out. This clever little key saves your tube, which for me is important because I only need half a tube for my roots, so I don't have squirts of Colour around the edges to deal with on my next application. Plus, I also use it for my creams, toothpaste etc.
— Tonya

My Hairdresser

Wide Tooth Comb

I do not exaggerate — I have one of these everywhere. I recently went on holiday and brought my Wide Tooth Comb with me everyday to the pool to give my Hair a comb through after swimming. I keep one in the shower to comb through my conditioner. When I Tone I use my Wide Tooth Comb to make sure my Hair gets the best coverage I can give it and I'll gently comb through my Regrowth Colour to get a beautiful blend through my ends. The Wide Toothed design means I'm not causing damage that you'd get from a brush, which I love.
— Kristyn

My Hairdresser
Wide Tooth

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