Spring Into The New Season With These Trending Colour Products

Brightening, cleansing, refreshing — these 8 Spring Hair Colour Products will carry you through the season in style.

Break out the pastels, dust off your florals, and take a deep breath— it's Springtime, and Mother Nature has hit the refresh button! As we bid adieu to Winter's frosty grasp, it's time to welcome the season of renewal with open arms and, of course, a fabulous new range of essentials. Whether you're feeling a Spring fling coming on, ready to embark on a Hair adventure, or craving a Hair Colour that feels as fresh and freeing as a warming Spring breeze, below are the 8 Spring Hair Colour Essentials that will carry you through the season in style.

What's In For Spring?

Subtle Golden Honey Hues and Natural Coppered Undertones
Big Colour clean outs, waving goodbye to old Dark, unwanted Built Up Colour pigment
Returning back to your more Natural roots and Natural Colour Tones
Accessories that make your Hair happier and your life easier

Trending: The Honey Blonde

Like the first flower opening up after Winter, these sweet, glistening Golden Tones couldn't be more Spring if they tried. Embrace the enchanting fusion of Natural elegance and the gentle Warmth of soft Gold. This radiant Blonde hue will bestow upon your Hair a subtle, sun-kissed brilliance making you shine with the luminance of a spring morning.

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Trending: Colour Remover

Meet the Spring cleaning champion, your ultimate partner in transformation – Colour Remover. It's the key to unlocking a fresh start for your Hair journey. Whether you've gathered years of stubborn Build Up or find yourself tangled in the clutches of old Dark, unyielding Black pigment and once fiery Reds, or simply seek a refreshing change, Colour Remover is your secret weapon. This magical elixir works wonders, all without the harsh effects of damaging ingredients like bleach. You'll be astonished by the Hair magic just one application of Colour Remover can weave, but for those grand transformations, whether it's a deep cleanse, erasing Colour Build Up, bidding farewell to Banding, or banishing Dark pigment, the 4-Pack is your trusted ally. Step into a new chapter of Hair brilliance, courtesy of Colour Remover!

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Colour Remover
4 Pack

Trending: 5.3 Golden Brown

For the Brunettes longing to be awakened with the radiant glow of a glorious sunrise, these transformative Tones are nothing short of intoxicating. Imagine capturing all the Warm, Golden hues that grace the world during the magical 'Golden hour,' and now, picture those very shades adorning your Hair 24/7. Say goodbye to an ordinary Brunette and say hello to becoming a Golden goddess this Spring.

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Golden Brown

Trending: Towel Scrunchies

I never thought I would rely on an accessory quite like the Towel Scrunchies. In order to give my Hair a break from hot tools, I have switched my morning blow dry to a fast absorbing Scrunchie that stops my back from getting drenched while still looking cute in a sleek bun.

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Trending: Colour Filler

Spring Hair Colour trends aren't always about cleaning out Colour, they're also about the Colour transformation from Light to Dark or finding your way back to your roots. Whether you've been rocking a full Blonde balayage or sporting old Highlights that have become too Blonde for comfort, the Colour Filler is the in between step to restoring a solid Natural Colour again. The Colour Filler Bundle serves as the foundation that helps you make the leap from Light to Dark and providing an essential layer that ensures your new Hair Colour is beautiful and vibrant, while keeping those dreaded Green Colour Tones away.

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Trending: Salted Caramel Blonde

If you were to ask me, 'I have a washed-out, dull, and tired Blonde that needs a revitalising, life-infusing makeover – maybe even a touch of darkness?' Well, I've got just one Hair Colour for you – 'Salted Caramel Blonde.' This magnificent fusion of Natural Blonde and decadent Chocolate Undertones is your passport to a vibrant, lively transformation. It's like a burst of sunshine for your Hair and a radiant glow for your complexion. Imagine the perfect equilibrium of Golden and Natural hues, igniting a spark that'll leave your Blonde brimming with vitality and Natural charm.

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Salted Caramel

Trending: Claw Clip

Spring ushers in longer days full of variety and what's the perfect companion to these Springtime activities? Your claw clip. It's not just an accessory, it's a true friend to your Hair. Gentle, versatile and adding a touch of style that can be taken with you from the beach to the bar.

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Trending: Grey Regrowth Bundle

So you've used your Winter hibernation to stretch your time between salon touch-ups or you're finding regular salon touch ups aren't as affordable right now — you do not need to lower your beauty standards. The Grey Regrowth Bundle has everything to turn your home into your own salon. Pick your desired Shade and voila! you're all set to cover your Greys for a quarter of the price and on your schedule.

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Grey Regrowth Touch
Up Bundle

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