Should You Be Toning Your Hair, Even Though It's Winter?

Your Winter Toning routine doesn't just Cool Winter Warmth, it gives parched Hair a moisture bomb of protective and conditioning Cool Tones that coat Hair in glossy Colour.

As the Winter months settle in I don't blame you in thinking your typical Summer maintenance is no longer needed because the threat of brassiness is over. Of course the causes of brassiness are magnified in Summer due to our increased time in the salt, sun and chlorine, but Winter throws out it's own set of challenges that encourage brassiness. Cold and dry outside, warm and hot inside, hot showers, increased blowdrying and even a cheeky Winter holiday escape wear on your Colour, causing regular brassiness just like we experience in Summer.

During Winter, your Toning routine takes on a different priority. Not only does it Cool Winter Warmth, it gives parched Hair a moisture bomb of protective and conditioning Cool Colour Tones as well as a gloss coating of sparkling pigment, to drastically improve your Hairs feel and appearance.

The Best Toning Strategies For Winter

Tone To Maintain

As the blow drying, straightening and heating increases, brassy Winter Hair benefits from regular Toning. We're big multitaskers, applying our Toner through the ends of our Hair while our Root Colour is processing.

Tone After You've Done Your Roots

I need to Tone, or at the very least Colour with a Cool Shade because my Natural Warmth just needs to be seen... apparently. If you're like me with intense Natural Warmth, you might find the best Toning result comes after you've done your Roots where your entire Hair will benefit. Apply your Toner from your Roots to ends, ensuring your Hair is dry before you begin.

Tone After Colour Removing

Winter symbolises a time for a refresh and often a return back to your Natural Shade. Nourish your freshly cleansed Hair that is hopefully showing great signs of brassiness (brassiness means Colour Remover has done it's job) by choosing the Toner Kit best suited to your needs. Tip: Use the Toner that is Lighter than the Colour you want to be.

The Best Toners

Light Ash Toner Kit

Perfect for all Toning needs, the Light Ash Toner Kit is our #1 selling Toner for the lover of a sleek, monochromatic Tone.

My Hairdresser
Light Ash
Toner Kit

Dark Ash Toner Kit

For a more tailored Tone, the Dark Ash Toner Kit is a superb choice for our Dark Blonde and Brunette beauties. With a hint of extra depth, these silky, smokey Ash pigments eliminate Warmth in Darker Shades.

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
Toner Kit

Pearl Blonde Toner Kit

Brassy Hair doesn't always need an intense Tone which is where the Pearl Blonde Toner Kit comes in. These creamy pearl pigments soothe Yellow Warmth and give your Colour a beautiful milky shimmer.

My Hairdresser
Pearl Blonde
Toner Kit

908 Extra Light Silver Blonde + No Lift Developer

For the Platinum Blondes, this ultra calming Toner soothes brassiness like magic thanks to its intensely Cool Silver pigments. Keep reading: How To Tone With A Hair Colour

My Hairdresser
No Lift

5.11 Intense Ash Brown + No Lift Developer

Double Ash pigments combine forces to dissolve Warmth in Brunettes and swapping it for Cool Ash reflects. Keep reading: How To Tone With A Hair Colour

My Hairdresser
Intense Ash Brown
My Hairdresser
No Lift

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