Multi pigment Hair Colours are Colourings best kept secret

This is the trick to a thick and voluminous Hair Colour.

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Despite contrary belief, home Hair Colour does not mean you are constrained to a life of one solid flat Colour on your head. You can create variety with your Hair Colour without getting tricky with Lowlights or Highlights.

If you want a Hair Colour to give you some more oomph and animation, it’s time to switch to a multi pigment Hair Colour to get the added reflects for your desired Colour.

What is a multi pigment Colour?

A multi pigment Hair Colour has more than 1 reflect, meaning they are Colours with 3 numbers eg. 7.53, 4.56. Because they have multiple pigments the reflects create a contouring effect in the Hair, where the Colours layers shadow and highlight throughout the Hair creating depth and dimension. This makes your Hair look thick, shiny and luscious.

How to understand a multi pigment Colour

Let’s break down 7.53 Chocolate Blonde.

7 is the Natural base Colour, that determines the Lightness of the Colour. In this case, it is a Medium Blonde.

.5 is the added Mahogany pigment that creates the rich, Chocolate Tone.

3 is the Gold pigment that is the brighter part of the Colour that catches the Light and makes it Warm.

Having the three layers in this Colour gives the Hair Colour fullness because of the contouring reflects. The contouring occurs by matching a .5 Mahogany pigment that creates a deeper, shadowed reflect with a 3 Golden pigment that adds slithers of Golden reflects that catch the light to create Volume. These contrasting shadow and highlighting Colour reflects, make the Hair look thick and expansive.

If you have thin, dull or lifeless Hair try these Colours to thicken up your Hair and bring the strength and stamina back into your Hair and Colour.

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