Making The Case: Why You Should Still Do Your Own Hair

You may have started Colouring yourself because you had no choice, soon you might find it's the only choice you want.

If the last two years have taught us anything it is resourcefulness. We turned into beauticians, tradies (well, sort of) and even home hairdressers — shocking ourselves with what we could achieve when we put our minds to it. How many times did you step back and say "that's pretty good, you know" while marvelling at the results of something you never thought you could do?

There are some things we're ready to hand back to the pros like manicures and pedicures, hair cuts and general handy work. But since overcoming that initial stress hurdle of your first at-home Hair Colour application and since you've gazed admiringly at your Hairs reflection, doesn't it seem crazy to stop now?

I'm here to prove to you that you can have it all when you Colour your Hair at home with the My Hairdresser range. You may have started using it because you had no choice, soon you might find it's the only choice you want. Keep reading to hear me out.

Reason #1: We use it at home.

In a nutshell: the My Hairdresser range was created by a female pioneer with over 30 years of experience in the Haircare industry who was astounded how little choice she had for decent home Hair Colouring products. So she set out to develop a home-hair care brand that she could use to get the same benefits of a salon: quality, coverage and variety. As a busy working mother, she wasn't willing to compromise and developed a range that she could use and continues to use today, as does the entire My Hairdresser team.

Reason #2: Freedom

Do you work weird hours? More of a night person? Have kids? Live a jam-packed schedule? Can't, or don't like to, plan too far ahead? Colouring yourself enables you to work around all of these issues. Got a party tomorrow? Touch up your roots tonight. Spent the week in the sun? Incorporate Toning into your self-care Sunday session. Need product? Visit My Hairdresser Online and get your products delivered straight to your door.

Reason #3: For control.

How many times have you left the salon feeling unheard? Or the idea in your head has gotten lost in translation and you've left in tears because of what they've done to your Hair? We've been there. Nobody knows you better than you. Take control of your Colour, using the shades you want and the products you need to make it happen. And if you've got questions, our Colour Consultants are on hand to help guide you.

Reason #4: Extend your time between salon visits.

Got greys or fast-growing Hair that needs regular attention? That soon adds up if you need to do it in a salon chair. Extend your time in-between visits by matching your Colours and touching up your roots yourself, using a Colour range formulated with the same standards as what you'd expect in a salon.

Reason #5: Because of the support products.

We're obsessed with supporting you through the entire Colour experience, from beginning to end to aftercare. Set up your home salon with all the essentials like a Tint Bowl and Brush, Cape and Colour whisk for the perfect application.
Had a Colour disaster? Is your Hair overwhelmed with heavy Build Up? Have too many Colours left you with Colour banding? Colour Remove your way to a fresh start, benefiting from multiple bleach-free applications to cleanse Hair of pigment.
Do you know what we don't like? Brassiness. Do you know what we don't understand? Flat, matte Toners. So we did something about it, developing a Toner Kit that cools, conditions and replenishes shine.

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