Like To Keep Your Copper Intense? We've Got The Colour Routine For You

Love your Copper bright and vibrant? Here's how to keep your Colours intensity dialled up all the time.

As Colourists, nothing makes our hearts swell like the triple treat — exceptional reflects, transformative powers and statement hues — of a Copper. Their diversity from fiery crimson tones of a Copper Red to faint pastel hues of a Pale Apricot Blonde means you're sure to find your perfect Colour.

There is no compromise for her captivating powers, they are a playful treat, so treasured that maximising their intensity for as long as poss is paramount. We like to think of Copper as a Colour that thrives off a good routine, not high maintenance. Want to keep your Copper vibrant? We're sharing the easy, and totally doable, secrets we swear by to extend the life of your Copper.

How To Keep Your Colour Fresher For Longer

Make these tweaks to your everyday routine as soon as possible, and I'm telling you you'll notice a difference.
Try and wash your Hair less.
Stop using Colour zapping anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoos.
Protect your Hair from Colour draining sun exposure and coat your Copper locks in conditioner or coconut oil before you swim to protect your pigment.
Avoid overusing heated tools and styling products that can drain your Colour.

Boost Your Coppers Vibrancy During Your Root Touchup

When you are about to do your roots is generally the time you notice your Colour the most. If your ends need some Colour stimulation, your root touch-up is the best time to do it. Once you have applied your Copper Colour mixture to your Regrowth, use the Colour Top Up Technique to add a fresh gloss of Colour through your ends.

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and Brush Set
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If your ends need more vibrancy and you want more from your Copper, prepare two Colour mixtures. Your first Colour mixture is the one you will apply to your Regrowth area, it generally has the stronger Developer. Keep this mixture to your Regrowth area and process on your Hair as per instructions.

Apply your second mixture through your ends as a gloss. You'll still use the same Copper as your roots Colour mixture, however this time mix it with a No Lift Developer and apply it to your ends during the last 20 minutes of your Regrowth Colours processing time. Use your Wide Tooth Comb to gently comb through your Colour from top to ends to help blend into a beautiful new shade.

You can follow this routine with every root touch-up if a refresh is needed.

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No Lift
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