Is it just me or do these Hair Colours make you want to change yours?

Pinterest strikes again.

There are two places that come to mind when looking for inspiration: Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram can be a good idea once the algorithm is working in your favour, but nothing caters like Pinterest. Endless scrolling of pins to gather, load and hoard into boards that we will maybe look at again, maybe not, who knows?! But you keep clicking, adding, scrolling and soon enough you are well and truly down that rabbit hole, even developing a sort of Stockholm syndrome of beauty advice.

So, you may be asking, what is our latest Pinterest hue obsession? That would be the Plum, Burgundy, Violet variety that Pinterest seems to do so well and compressing those into one favourite shade would be near impossible. We think we’ve hit the mother load, albeit one more scroll could have us adding one more in, but we’ve contained ourselves so you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the eye candy but don’t blame us if your brain tells you any of these Shades will be a good idea.

Photo: Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest your Burgundy game is strong with those big, billowy Violet hues that bloom through the trademark Pinterest waves. Burgundy equals a perfect combination of depth and indulgence while maintaining a sleek air about it.

Photo: Pinterest

And then, as you’ve committed to Burgundy, you discover the similar yet different Chocolate Plum hues with their instant dose of shine. There is something to be said for a Hair Colour that can be described as Cool, rich and bouncy all in one which of course is all thanks to its purply, reddish pigments. Keep these Shades on repeat, especially during the Winter.

Photo: Pinterest

But hang on, you’ll also find Plum in its pure blush Red form that is as juicy and meaty as the Chocolate variation with a touch less purple and a dose of fire Red. And to finish we have pink lemonade pigments which have transformed smoothly into adult life in the form of Violet and Rose Gold Hair Colours with their soft sparkling, iridescent hues.

Photo: Pinterest

So with that final scroll are you facing the same conundrum as us — which hue is for you?

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