Is Colour Build Up Clogging Your Hair? Here Are The Signs

Colour Build makes your Hair look and feel unhealthy, stops your processes and makes your Colour dark. Here's how to fix it.

If you're a regular Colourer you will quickly learn a common element of Colouring is your continual relationship with Colour Build Up. Thankfully, Colour Build Up is easy to remove and the best part of taking control of your Hair is you can cleanse your Hair of Colour Build Up whenever you feel you need it. Below is a full breakdown of Colour Build Up, its causes, how to get rid of it and how to stop it from joining the party in the future.

What Is Colour Build Up?

Colour Build Up is when Hair Colour pigment stacks up in your Hair after multiple applications of Hair Colour over time. There are two most common reasons Colour Build Up evolves — chopping and changing Hair Colours and applying your Regrowth Colour through to your ends to keep your ends vibrant or match your Regrowth Colour.

You'll recognise Colour Build Up as soon as you see it, most recognisably by the dark, heavy bands of Colour causing unhealthy looking and feeling Hair that looks heavy in appearance and completely lacking in shine.

How Do I Remove Colour Build Up?

Remove Colour Build Up with a deep cleanse, using Colour Remover's gentle formula to purge pigment and immediately improve your Hairs health and texture. Target the areas where the Build Up is and, depending on how many layers of Build Up you have, continue to deep cleanse until it has dissolved the pigment from your Hair. With Colour Removers bleach-free formula, you can do up to 2 applications in one day, just make sure to apply to dry Hair every time.

If you are a regular Colourer, just like the importance of a Haircut, a yearly deep cleanse supports your Hair's health and promotes shine.

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How Do I Avoid Colour Build Up?

When you are touching up your Regrowth use the Colour Top Up Technique or Gloss Over to refresh your ends while avoiding overlap and Build Up. If you are planning to switch Shades a cleansing Colour Remover in between will give your new Hair Colour a stronger base to build from and a more even Tone.

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