I Did It Myself: 4 Home Hair Colourer's Share Their Stories

Home Hair Colour In Real Life.

If you’ve ever struggled imagining yourself Colouring your Hair at home you’re not alone. Ask anyone on our Colour Consultant team and the fear of doing that first Colour is the hardest barrier for people to break through, that is until they get to the end of their tether. Whether it be because they are continuously unsatisfied, visiting the salon regularly becomes too expensive or getting to a chair in their time frame seems nearly impossible, suddenly a tiny voice appears whispering there must be something better out there.

Well, there is and you’re at the right place. Below are 4 examples of people who were just like you, disappointed, too busy and needed something better. They too didn’t believe they could do it until they did it. And for those moments they were unsure, they made the most of the Colour Consultant team. Keep reading to hear about their experiences of Colouring their Hair at home.

What Hair Colour Products do you use?

I use the Boss Blonde that is a mix of 7.3 Golden Blonde and 9 Very Light Blonde with a 20 Volume Developer.

How regularly do you Colour your Hair?

At least every 3 weeks. My Hair grows very quick and my salt and peppers show up extra salty in the front. Even though I have chosen a Lighter Blonde, I can't stand seeing any white roots!

Why is your Colour so amazing?

This is the best Hair Colour I have ever used to cover Greys. The Gold really grabs to my Hair unlike any other and I love the Colour in general. But my favourite part is how shiny my Hair looks afterwards… I love that.

What is your biggest struggle when Colouring your Hair at home?

Oh, easily how regularly I have to do it. That has always been my problem period, because of how fast my Hair grows. I do a lot of root touchups a year.

What is it about home Colouring that makes it easier?

The fact that I can do it myself, whenever I want and need to do it around my schedule. Sometimes those salt and peppers just creep up on you and once upon a time I used to stare in the mirror panicking knowing I had no time to make an appointment or know if the salon had available slots. Just reliving that makes my palms sweat. But in a practical sense, a Tint Brush is an absolute god send from the Hair gods. It’s the best to apply Colour to your Regrowth and properly move around my ears and Hairline. Every home Colourer should own a Tint Bowl and Brush set.

What Hair Colour Products do you use?

3 Dark Brown and 20 Volume Developer.

Why did you choose this Hair Colour Shade?

I am Naturally pretty Dark and for years I used to pick up whatever Black from the supermarket, then I found the My Hairdresser Range and started reading up about the difference in Colour quality. I love the bigness of this Colour. It’s just so full and bold and I love how shiny it is and it isn’t Black, which I didn’t realise I didn’t want until I started using Dark Brown. Really it gives me everything I wish my Natural Colour could have.

What was your biggest home Hair Colour mistake?

I was a box Colour user with no clue on how Hair Colour works, so my amount of mistakes could be embarrassing. My worst was probably after being Blue Black for a while I saw my Regrowth coming through and thought it would be a great idea to buy a Blonde box to get an ombre effect. It was terrible, like truly awful. This is when I realised I needed to learn more about what I was doing and thankfully found Colour Remover and the rest of the Range. And I have never looked back.

What is the best thing you’ve learnt while Colouring your Hair yourself?

That Colour Remover exists! That you can’t Lighten Hair that is Coloured Dark and which Shades actually suit my skin tone.

What Hair Colour Products do you use?

I have 8.2 Beige Blonde mixed with 20 Volume Developer on my roots and I Tone my Lighter ends with 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde and No Lift Developer. I have highlights that were painted in with 10.2 and 40 Volume Developer about a year ago, so its just about maintenance.

Why did you choose this Hair Colour Shade?

I used to make the mistake of using an Ash Blonde and it would make my face look Red because it was terrible for my Skin Tone. My Hair grows quite quickly, so I like having a blended Colour from my top to bottom and a Colour Consultant helped me discover Beige and I love the creaminess of the Colour and it keeps my Hair under control because I Naturally have so much Red through my Hair. I feel like I’ve finally found my perfect balance.

Do you have to Tone regularly? If so, how often?

Yes. Naturally, my Hair creates so much brassiness so I like to throw the 10.2 and No Lift through my ends every 4-6 weeks to keep my Colour smooth.

What is your favourite part about doing your Hair yourself?

I don’t know which describes it best — the control or freedom you gain doing yourself. It’s taken me well over 10 years to find a Blonde that suits me. When I used to go to the hairdressers I would always end up with an Ashy Shade that I hated. I was so fed up that it led me seeking out other options. I was nervous at first, but I sent very detailed emails to the Colour Consultant team and followed every step they told me.

What Hair Colour Products do you use?

1/2 6 Dark Blonde and 1/2 7.1 Ash Blonde with 20 Volume Developer for my Regrowth and 7.1 Ash Blonde and No Lift Developer when I need to Tone my ends.

What is your Hair Colour problem area?

I go very Red when I Colour my Hair even though I don’t Naturally have Red or Golden Hair. It’s just when I Colour my Hair, I seem to gather so much Warmth.

How do you solve this problem?

I only Colour my Hair with an Ash or Ash and Natural Colour mix. It’s the only thing that neutralises the Red in my Hair and giving me the Colour I’m looking for. I love Ash Blondes and I’ve found them the best Toners whether I am Colouring or Toning with them.

How do you Colour your Hair?

I like to kick it old school with an Applicator Bottle. I feel comfortable using it to get through my Hair and keeping the Colour close to the Regrowth line and it’s so easy to throw my Toning mix in the bottle, shake it up and squeeze it all through my ends. I’ve had the same bottle for 2 years now and it’s still fresh as a daisy, just make sure you wash it well after each Colour!

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