How To Rebalance Your Hair Health In 3 Steps

After a year like no other, it’s time to start afresh and give your Hair a much needed cleanse and detox. 

After a year full of stress, freaking out and grabbing whatever we could, a silly season of styling products and a summer of sun, salt and chlorine — it seems the perfect moment to hit pause. There may have been some choices we made during 2020 that we wouldn’t ordinarily do. And that’s ok. Last years unprecedented events, lead to uncommon actions and choices you wouldn’t have ordinarily made.  

Now we’re in a new year it’s time to check-in and take a deep look at our Hair and it’s health and begin the process of rebalancing your Hairs health. Ready to start a detox? Here’s how to do it..


Step 1. Repair

With a year of panic buying, came rash Colour decisions. Picking up and using whatever Colour you could find over and over to hide the roots and greys before zoom meetings and family face times can lead to an uneven Colour and build up. The solution? Restart.  

Colour builds up in the Hair, drowning the Hair shaft in pigment leaving your Hair feeling dry and brittle, along with giving you a lacklustre Hair Colour. Eventually, this build-up will block future Colour processes from fully developing. The solution? Cleanse your Hair with Colour Remover. Colour Removers unique formula protects and preserves the Hair shaft while detoxing and purifying it of pigment, so it can thrive once again. 

My Hairdresser

The amount of Colour Remover applications needed depends on the Hair Colour, (dark, cheaper Hair Colours like the ones from supermarkets take the longest to remove) luckily Colour Removers cleansing formula allows for multiple applications which come in handy for the stubborn shades. 


Step 2. Maintain

After a thorough cleanse of the unhealthy, built-up pigment, you will see and feel the difference. Your Hair Colour will be lighter, brighter and warmer, while your Hair will feel softer and healthier. What you want to do next is up to you.  

If you are loving the shade aside from the Warmth, cooling post-Colour Removed Hair is easily done with a Toner Kit. 

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If you want to keep your previous shade or try a new Hair Colour — wait at least 48 hours (preferably a week) before reColouring. Colour Removed Hair can be very porous and ready to soak up the new Colour, causing your shade to be darker than expected. Allowing some breathing time gives your Hair a moment to settle. Use your usual products or new Colour option, to touch up your regrowth and use the Colour Top Up Technique to gloss through your ends and keep your Hair Colour smooth and even. 

Step 3. Care

Now your Hair is healthier, looking shinier and feeling softer, it’s time to keep your Hair feeling and looking this good.  

The My Hairdresser Hair Colours are enriched with conditioning, moisture-retaining ingredients like olive oil protectors, that safeguard your Hairs health and ensure you are meeting your Hair Colour needs, simply through your product choice. Another one of our favourite easy swaps is using a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush. Softly detangle your Hair or comb through the product, gliding the wide teeth through your Hair without breakages. 

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Wide Tooth

To avoid Colour Build Up in the future, use the Colour Top Up Technique when you are noticing your ends need a hit of vibrancy. However, we recommend regular applications of Colour Remover to protect and balance your Hairs health.

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