How To Make Your Salon Colour Last Longer

Trying to extend your Colour (and your dollar) after visiting the salon? Then the Root Smudge is perfect for you.

Do you go to the salon to cover your Greys or get Foils/Highlights and can't justify the expense of going back once a month to keep your Hair Colour up to date? We've got the solution that you can do at home for half the cost of your salon trip — it's called the Root Smudge. Here's how you can do the Root Smudge at home using the My Hairdresser range, saving time and money while still getting the same salon fresh results.

Who Is The Root Smudge For?

The Root Smudge is for lovers of Highlights who can't commit to the salon up keep, yet still need to cover your Regrowth (yes, that includes those sparkling Greys). The Root Smudge extends your time between salon visits, without completely letting your Hair go.

What Is Aim Of The Root Smudge?

Use the Root Smudge to bridge the gap between your Natural Hair Colour and your Highlights, blurring the lines to blend into a more lived in, Natural look. That could mean covering up Regrowth full of Greys or avoiding a big strip of Dark Regrowth.

How Does The Root Smudge Achieve This?

The Root Smudge works by choosing a Hair Colour that is one or two Shades Lighter than your Natural, but not as Light as your Highlights, so it can blend into both your Natural and Highlighted Hair.

How Do I Apply The Root Smudge?

Apply your Colour mixture to your Roots, staggering the application slightly to soften your Regrowth line. Once you've covered your Regrowth, gently comb through your Colour all the way through to your ends to create a beautiful blend. If needed, Tone your ends to keep your Highlighted Hair smooth and free from brassiness.

What Products Should I Choose For A Root Smudge?

Choose a Hair Colour Shade that is one or two Shades Lighter than your Natural or between your Natural and Highlighted shade. For example: you've Highlighted your Natural 5 Light Brown Hair, with 9 Very Light Blonde. The perfect in between shade would be a 7 Medium Blonde.

Unless your Hair is a vibrant Golden or Copper Shade, we recommend using a Natural or Cool Hair Colour. Naturals are the best to cover Greys and the goal of the Root Smudge is to keep with a base Colour that looks you were born with it. A Cool Shade will counteract Warmth that is common after Lightening.

Mix your Hair Colour with a 20 Volume Developer to work with the shade or two difference and for the best grey coverage. Fox example: Your Natural Hair is a murky, dirty 7 Medium Blonde and you have 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde Highlights. A 20 Volume Developer and 8.2 Light Beige Blonde mixture will Lighten your Natural Hair a shade and soften your contrast, to give you a Lighter Blonde base that compliments your Highlights.

How you apply your Root Smudge Colour comes down to what you are most comfortable with. I personally prefer to use a Tint Bowl and Brush because its easy to mix and hold your Colour and I love using the Tint Brush because I think it is the best at covering your Roots and staggering the Colour. A Wide Tooth Comb is a must to create a beautiful blend of Colours as is a Protective Cape, well at least for me because I am m-e-s-sy.

My Hairdresser
Tint Bowl
and Brush Set
My Hairdresser
Wide Tooth
My Hairdresser

And don't forget a Toner Kit. It's likely your Highlighted ends will have some Warmth, and applying a Toner through your ends will keep them nice a smooth.

My Hairdresser
Light Ash
Toner Kit
My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
Toner Kit
My Hairdresser
Pearl Blonde
Toner Kit

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