How To Keep Your Hair Colour Salon Fresh, At Home

Keep your Colour fresh and looking fine all the time with these 4 easy to follow tips.

Whether it's lockdown that brought you here or the realisation that doing your Hair yourself is easier and much more rewarding than you imagined — your Hair goal remains the same; to look good. Keep your Colour fresh and looking fine all the time with these 4 tips.

Tip 1: Keep Your Regrowth Touched Up

Nothing kills a Colours vibe like Regrowth, fortunately, it is the easiest to fix — even if you are a lifetime home Colourer or want to extend your time between salon visits.

Keep it simple, choosing the shade in the Regrowth Pack that best matches your current Hair Colour. Using the Tint Brush, apply your Colour mixture along your Regrowth line, benefiting from the control of the Tint Brush to not swamp your Hair in product. During the last 10 minutes of your Colours developing time, grab your Wide Tooth Comb and comb your mixture down through to your ends for a nice Colour blend.

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Tip 2: Keep It Toned

When your Hair is left to its own devices, brassiness tends to find its way back. Soothe brassy Warmth and enhance shine with a Toner Kit, a must-have Hair Colour staple for not just Blondes — Dark Blondes and Brunettes as well. There are 3 Toner Kits, so you're sure to find one best suited to your Hair needs, and its Cooling formula is created with conditioners that restore moisture, silkiness and shine.

Picking your Toner Kit is easy. You will get your strongest Toning result from the Ash pigment in the Light Blonde and Dark Blonde Toner Kits. The Pearl Blonde Toner Kit will give you a softer, creamier Tone with a pearl reflect. Apply your Toner Kit over your brassy areas, ensuring your Hair is well covered in product, and leave for 5-20 minutes until you have reached the Tone of your dreams. Wash it off and voila!

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My Hairdresser
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Toner Pack
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Tip 3: Embrace Custom Colours

You are not going to find that salon finish in a supermarket box. Elevate your Colour with the My Hairdresser Permanent Hair Colour Range, harnessing the benefits of salon-quality Hair Colours and Developers (identical to what a hairdresser uses) that can be mixed to create the perfect shades, so you are not limited to just one. This freedom allows you to target your Colours needs, giving you the flexibility to combine another hue to add a little or a lot, depending on what you want, of Warmth, Cooling tones, depth or vibrancy.

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Tip 4: Prioritise your Hairs look and feel

Hair mistakes, overlapped Colour Build Up and old Hair Colours affects the health of your Hair. You will notice your Hair looks heavy and dull like it is weighed down in Colour. It will strip the vibrancy, showing up the most when you've just Coloured your Regrowth leaving you showing fresh roots and dull ends. Regularly cleanse your Hair, using Colour Removers friendly formulation to purge heavy, unhealthy pigment.

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