How To Get The Best Grey Coverage

How to Colour those really stubborn Greys.

Grey’s are a blessing of sorts, lucky enough to reach the age to get them, but don’t want to be reminded that you're ageing. Can relate — grateful and hateful all in the same breathe. So as with everything else that comes with ageing, subtle adjustments to your routine must be made to Greying Hair for better coverage.

For example, once you’ve hit 50% Grey Hair's ignore the urge to pick up your regular Developer and switch to a 20 Vol. Even if you are Colouring with a High Lift Blonde, a 20 Vol is formulated for optimum Grey coverage and once you start Colouring with it you’ll notice the difference in coverage immediately.

Or when your beloved Brunette is becoming too stark (imagine a clean line of greying regrowth contrasted against Dark ends) creating an ageing, heavy shadowing over your face that magnifies any wrinkles so they become so apparent in a fake news kind of way (meaning that they aren’t as they seem, it’s the wrong Hair Colour making them into big deal).

If this rings true, it’s time to forfeit the Dark and head to the Light, starting by cleaning out all the old Dark Hair Colour out of your ends with a few Colour Remover applications that will wash out your old Colour without damaging your Hair. Following the clean out, find yourself a new Hair Colour a few shades Lighter and go with it.

Reminder: to do this refresh, cleaning out the old Darker Colour is essential as you can’t Lighten Hair that is already Coloured Dark.

On the flip side — foils, Highlights and over processed Light Blondes can make your Hair look old and dry, so giving up these Colour styles will be the best choice for your Hairs future. Henceforth bringing depth back into your Hair is the priority because it will soften your Colour, giving you a smoother Hair Colour essentially by painting a new Colour at your Regrowth and tapering it down the Hair to create a flush Hair Colour.

The same goes for Light Blondes who are struggling to get their Hair Colour to grab to their stubborn Greys, you’re in need of depth. Adding depth to your Blonde, hypothetically swapping to a darker Shade like 8 Light Blonde, to enhance your Colour and cover those Greys.

And when your Colour is washing you out, a Warmer Golden Shade will add pigment back into your Hair and filling it right up with flavour and shininess. Golden Shades yellow and orange pigments are the saviour for any dull or stubborn Grey Hair who are in need of being transformed into glowing ones.

But between you and I, my favourite Hair Colour for Grey’s is the Boss Blonde. Legend says the Boss Blonde was named after the leader of our tribe wanted her Blonde to “have Warm, bouncy hues like a glass of bubbly with a pearly Blonde finish” and (come in closer) I can confirm the legend is true. The Boss Blonde has the perfect balance of Natural and Warm pigments, covers even the most stubborn Grey/White Hairs and it’s as bouncy as the Colour description suggests.

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