How To Copy the Duchess of Cambridge's New Hair Colour

We're obsessed with her Glow Up.

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We knew Princess Charlotte’s first day of school would melt our hearts. Her navy and red uniform, buckled shoes, the way she nervously twirled her Hair — but it was her mothers, the Duchess of Cambridge's, new ‘do that really took us by surprise.

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We (big lovers of anything Golden) were taken by Catherines Chocolate Brunette (Colour Match: 5.53 Chocolate Brown) at Wimbledon last year and have since watched — ok followed like a love story — as she slowly Lightened it until reaching her new Golden Blonde number she premiered on the first day of school drop off.

Don’t be fooled, this Colour update didn’t happen overnight, it has been in the works for a few months and it developed in three acts:

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May/June the lightening begins, Catherine slowly Lightens to a Darker Chocolate Blonde with sunny beams of Golden Mahogany through it, teaming with the pending Summer season.
Colour Match: 1/2 x 6 Dark Blonde + 1/2 x 7.53 Chocolate Blonde

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In August we got another peek at her even Lighter Golden curls in the salt aired action at the Kings Cup. We immediately approved of her new Golden glow that lifted her skin tones spirits as much as her Hairs.
Colour Match: 7.53 Chocolate Blonde

Photo: Google Images

And then we were blessed with Catherine’s latest glow up.


Look at those luminous, Golden pigments glistening through her Hair, catching the Light at every angle. This is what Gold does — it uplifts, plumps, makes your Hair and skin tone look alive and full of energy. It’s like she’s had the greatest summer holidays of her life! Golden pigments sun kissed hues take away the shadows to showcase her magnificent bone structure and highlight the peachish hue in her cheeks.

And it’s so easy to copy! Mix 1/2 x 7.3 Golden Blonde with 1/2 x 9.3 Light Golden Blonde for her depth with that Golden glow. Of course, you can use straight 7.3 Golden Blonde or 9.3 Light Golden Blonde if you want to adjust the Lightness.

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