How To Choose The Right Blonde Shade For Your Skin Tone

Instead of guessing if the Blonde will suit you, see if it matches your Skin Tone or find the one that will.

Blondes have more fun. Blonde bombshell. Ice Cold Blonde. Three stereotypes with one thing in common — Blonde. But what do you see when you think Blonde? The Platinum Ice Cold Blonde? The flirty Marilyn? A sun dazed Beach Blonde? See what I mean — it’s completely open to interpretation.

So when you are choosing the Blonde that’s right for your Skin Tone, we recommend breaking it down into two steps by first deciding the Lightness of your Colour then the Tone of the Blonde that will suit. Following this simple formula is an integral part of achieving your Blonde dreams.

Step 1: Choose your Lightness

Blondes aren’t just Platinum, they range from Dark to Extra Light. Keep in mind choosing a Blonde Shade closer to your Natural Colour means you’ll require a weaker Developer.

Step 2: Decide your Tone

Natural Blondes

Natural Blondes are the classic, naked Natural, born this way Blondes. They mimic Natural Colour Tones but attract loads more Light than unColoured (Natural) Hair, making them superior in terms of glossiness. Naturals have no added pigments, sitting in the middle ground between a Cool and Warm Hair Colour.

Suits: All Skin Tones.

Try These Shades
My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Blonde
My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde

Golden Blondes

Gold = Warm. These sun kissed, bronzed hues are an instant mood lift, screaming energy. The intensity of a Golden Colour is like a Gold bar, Light just bounces off it, making your Hair look fuller, glossier and plumper. These Colours are good for depleted Hair that needs pumping up and will revitalise both your Hair and Skin Tone so it can glow again. Opt for a Golden Colour to bring the life back to over Lightened, Grey or White Hair.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones. Olive or Ruddier Skin Tones with Brown or Golden Brown eyes.

Try These Shades
My Hairdresser
Golden Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Golden Blonde
My Hairdresser

Cool Blondes

Cool Blondes are ultra dewy Shades that calm the Hair with Cool, waxy hues — good for counteracting Warmth and keeping your Blonde at its optimal appearance. Ash Shades are our coolest and most potent, bringing a blue tinged smokiness to the Hair making your Colour crisp and silky. Compared to Beige’s Coolness with easy creamy, milky Tones for a super smooth, velvety Blonde.

Suits: Cool Skin Tones.

Try These Ash Shades
My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Ash Blonde
Try These Beige Shades

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