How To Choose The Red Hair Colour That Pops With Your Skin Tone

If a radiant Red is top of the wish list but finding the perfect hue is a struggle, here is how to style them to your skin tone.

Whether it is a punch of Copper, a pout of Red or a shimmer of Plum — if a radiant Red is top of the wish list but finding the perfect hue is a struggle, we've simplified the Red family and how to style them to your skin tone.

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Like a Colour explosion, Copper's crisp pop of bright orangey hues are unlike the rest of the red family. Enjoy the freshness of these hues, adding a youthful glow to your Hair and skin tone. Turn up the intensity with a double hit or dial it down by adding depth, even mixing with a Natural or Golden shade for a luxurious Warm tone.

Best suited to: Warm Skin Tones

Copper variations: 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde didn't come to play. Light, bright and beaming with a double shot of Copper intensity it sits as the Copper benchmark. If you want depth and are a Copper purest, 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde delivers a million times over, while the Peach, Strawberry and Amber Blonde varieties take a subtler approach to Coppers glorious tones.

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Dark Copper Blonde
My Hairdresser
Peach Blonde

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Copper Red

The Copper Red combination is an unstoppable force of strength, boldness and shine. It consists of the perfect balance: the Red pigment brings the intensity and depth, in this case shadowing, while the Copper provides the light reflecting glow, enriching Hair with a contouring volume and multi-dimensional radiance.

Best suited to: Warm Skin Tones, specifically ruddier rusty tones.

Copper Red variations: If you love that classic bold Copper Red, 7.46 Rich Copper Red is the go. For added depth and higher potency of popping Red pigment, 5.64 Dark Red Copper is a must. To shake your Hair out of hibernation, the Ginger Blonde is like a Strawberry Blonde on steroids.

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Dark Red Copper
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Rich Copper Red
My Hairdresser

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If you want to use the same words to describe your Hair Colour as your favourite bottle of Red then these full-bodied, pure flowing, with not an Orange tone in sight, Reds have the vehemence you crave. These shades are more sumptuous and complex, bolstered by rich multi-faceted tones that have intense wine, berry and cherried vibes.

Best suited to: Warm Skin Tones, although with their cooler Plum Mahogany hues are also suitable for Cool Skin Tones.

Red variations: There is nothing small about these Colours and 7.65 Intense Red Mahogany layered style delivers a winning knockout. Update a Brunette with velvety Red richness taking your pick from 5.56 Intense Plum Red and 4.66 Intense Dark Red.

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Plum Red

Take your Hair on an adventure of indulgence, flooding it in dazzling purple-red tones and silky Plum Red hues with a subdued sensorial decadence exclusive to these unique shades.

Best suited to: Cool and Warm Skin Tones.

Plum Red variations: Unusually, the Plum Red family don't leave any skin tones out. Infused with nothing-but-Plum, 6.5 Pure Plum's irresistible Red, Copper, Violet and Burgundy hues merge into the perfect blend. For less intensity, you'll fall in love with 5.52 Chocolate Plums Violet shimmer. Or turn it up with the Dark Toffee Blondes intense take on a Warming Plum.

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Deep Chocolate Plum
My Hairdresser
Pure Plum
My Hairdresser
Dark Toffee Blonde

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Here's what's popping: Violet. Sublimely cool, pigment-rich, purply-pink tones — these extraordinary light-reflecting tones deliver the ultimate hyperreal Colour payoff.

Best suited to: Cool Skin Tones.

Violet variations: Reveal your fun side with 7.20 Cool Violets softer pinkish hues or, for some glowing Warmth, the Rose Gold is that perfect water Coloured shade. When it's intensity you're into, 6.22 Intense Violet and Dark Violet Indulgence deliver the ultimate Colour payoff with breathtaking depth and sparkling, rich Purpled tones.

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Intense Violet
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Cool Violet
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Dark Violet

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