How To Build Your Own Custom Hair Colour

What happens when you can't find the Hair Colour you want?

Have you ever encountered any or all these issues:

You can’t find the Hair Colour Shade you want. You love the Golden Blonde, but the Light Golden Blonde is too Light and the Golden Blonde is too Dark. Then what?

You want to Colour with a Natural Shade BUT your Hair typically throws Warmth that can’t be soothed with just a Natural Colour Shade. Or visa-versa your Natural Hair Colour has Ashy undertones that you only slightly want to Warm up, so a full Golden Shade is way too much - you just need a squeeze of it.

Your Hair Colour is flat and you’re craving depth, without big bold reflects.

What do you do when you can’t find the Hair Colour you want? Build your own. And as complicatedly overwhelming as that may sound, it really isn't. Keep reading.

How to build your Custom Hair Colour

Step 1.

How Dark/Light do you want your Colour to be? Choose a Natural Colour Shade as one part of your Colour mixture to dictate the Darkness/Lightness of your Hair Colour.

Step 2.

What else do you want from your Colour or more importantly what else do you need from your Colour?

If your Colour is dull or washing you out, a Warm Shade will rejuvenate your Hair and complexion. Or if you’ve been eyeing off a vibrant Colour, like a Copper, and don’t want the full Copper experience - mixing it with a Natural Colour will dilute it while still giving you a vibrant Colour.

In contrast, a Cool Colour with Ash or Beige reflects will give you a sleeker, creamier Hair Colour that is only achievable with Cool Colours.

Step 3.

Choose your mixing quantities with these tips in mind.

The Colour Mixing Ratio is 1 part Hair Colour to 1.5 parts Developer. If you have long or thick Hair, double the mixture.

Mix 50 / 50 of each Colour when you want to achieve an in-between Shade.
Example: Mix 1/2 a tube of 3 Dark Brown with 1/2 a tube of 5 Light Brown to achieve a 4 Medium Brown.

Mix 1/4 of an Intense or Vibrant Colour with 3/4 of a Natural Shade to water down the Colours intensity.
Example: Mix 1/4 a tube of 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde with 3/4 a tube of 9 Very Light Blonde to achieve a Peach Blonde.

Don’t mix Warm and Cool Colours together. They will counteract each other.

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