How to be a Peach Blonde

Here is your express ticket to one of our top picks for Colour of the year.

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We recently proclaimed that the Colour of the year is Natural. Not Natural as in your Regrowth but Natural looking hues. Or as we like to call it the “I don’t Colour my Hair, Hair Colour”.

We also introduced the arrival of the Peach Blonde, an energetic yet humble Colour, with so much enthusiasm it brings a glow straight back into your Hair Colour.

What makes a Peach Blonde different to a Strawberry Blonde?

Like Strawberry Blondes, Peach Blondes are subtle and soft but have a pastel Colour tone, almost like a peach sorbet. Imagine soft Copper hues that have been smoothed down with a classic, Light Blonde.

How do you make a Peach Blonde?

We need a base of Light Blonde - we use 9 Very Light Blonde - because of its Natural, Light sandy hue.
Then we add a squeeze of 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde that will dilute beautifully with the Light Blonde, for that softer Tone we are looking for.

3/4 9 Light Blonde + 1/4 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde.

Who does Peach Blonde suit?

You fair skinned beauties, this one is right up your street and if you have those banging Blue or Green eyes, it will make them pop. Not to mention the wonders it will do for your complexion. Not forgetting those with Warm Skin Undertones, the Peach Blonde will make your skin glow.

What is the best Colour starting base for Peach Blonde?

Colours like these are most punchy with a pre-Lightened or Natural Light Blonde starting base. Mix with a 20 Volume Developer. If you’re a Darker Natural Colour, around a 5 Light Brown or 6 Dark Blonde, use a 30 or 40 Volume Developer to lift the Colour.

Now go and create, and send us a picture of your Peach Blonde - pronto!

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