How often can I Colour my Hair?

Well, how often can you do it?

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The quick answer is (drum roll please) we like you to wait at least 4 weeks between Colours. But like most things in Hair care, there are variables and some can get away with less Colouring than others. So we have sorted Colouring types into high maintenance and low maintenance, of course that has no relation to your personality, rather each types needs and demands.

So, which one are you? Let’s start with the high maintenance crew, because we know they're craving the information the most.

If your Hair grows while you're looking at it (as in super fast) and your regrowth seems to poke out as soon as you have Coloured or you have chosen a Vibrant or Platinum Colour, you fall into the high maintenance category. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably find that your Colouring every 4 weeks at the minimum anyway. There are some things can you do to help you with time. If you're a fast Hair grower, try a lower maintenance style that can blend with your regrowth like a Bronde. Or using Highlights to your advantage. If you have a vibrant Colour, try cutting down the amount you wash your Hair to help your Colour from fading and protect it from the elements - sun, water, chlorine - to maintain your vibrancy. Also use a Shampoo that is gentle and won’t strip the Colour, stay away from anti dandruff or clarifying shampoo's. And if you're a Platinum Blonde, that’s what you sign up for, there isn't too much you can do.

For you in the low maintenance side of life, its pretty self-explanatory. Find the balance between enough time between each process and not letting your Colour go. If you want specifics, we say 6-8 weeks. 

If you're in the midst of a Colour transformation you can Colour your Hair twice a day if needed, if your Hair is in good condition. This is particularly good when you're are going darker and using low level Developers like No Lift and 20 Volume Developer. If you need to do a two or more step process, most likely when Colour Removing or Lightening, wait 48 hours to a week between processes to allow the Hair and scalp to settle. This will give you a better Colour and Hair health in the long run.

And to all of you a quick reminder. When you’re doing a Regrowth touch up, just stick to the regrowth. If the rest of your Hair needs a refresh, try a Colour Top Up Technique to stop Colour Build Up and Banding.

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