Highlift Blondes vs Bleach. Why A Bleach Free Blonde Is Better

We’ve constructed the pros and cons list of each Lightening Product so you can make your own judgement call.

When Platinum Blonde is on top of your must-haves, it seems second nature to head directly to Bleach to achieve a super Blonde shade. The problem with Bleach? It’s a serious product to deal with, one that we don’t recommend using unless you have a decent amount of experience with Hair Colouring.

But before turning your back on your Blonde dreams, meet the Highlift Blondes — our Range of Platinum Blonde Shades infused with Ash, Beige and Silver reflects that Lighten your Hair without the brutality of Bleach and the benefits of our Colour Ranges intense moisturisers.

So if you’re sceptical of these wonder Colours, we’ve constructed the pros and cons list of each Lightening Product so you can make your own judgement call as to which is best suited for you.


What is it?

A Powder Bleach mixed with a peroxide that Lightens your Hair by stripping it of all pigment, in a strong and intense Lightening Process.


Bleach is an extremely strong Product that can give you wider Lightening results if you need to really climb the Colour ladder.
Excellent for Brunette users to transform into a Light Blonde.
Can Lighten Natural or Coloured Hair Colour.
Can remove Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Colour.


Very strong and needs to be used with caution. Only recommended for advanced Colour users.
Bleach will destroy all the Natural and artificial Colour pigment in your Hair, that can never be regained.
Your Hair is left empty with no Colour pigment and will need to be regularly Toned or Coloured.
Flat Hair Colour.
Dries out and damages your Hair.

Highlift Blonde

What is it?

Platinum Blonde, creme Colours with extra Colour pigment than the average Hair Colour to give you a higher, Lighter level of Blonde. Each Highlift Shade has inbuilt Blonde Toners to keep your Colour smooth and Toned.


Enable you to Lighten your Hair to a Platinum Blonde shade without Bleach.
Will leave Colour pigment in your Hair, resulting in a glossy, dewy Hair Colour.
Inbuilt Ash, Silver or Beige Toners that will keep your Hair clean and Toned while it Lightens — instead of having to Tone post Lightening.
Filled with a solid core of rich moisturisers that hydrate your Hair.


You can only Lighten virgin Hair.
Highlift Blondes are only able to Lighten 4 Shades.
If your Natural Hair is Darker than Light Brown, you will not achieve a Platinum Blonde.

Meet the Highlift Blondes.

901 Extra Light Ash Blonde gives you a smokey, waxy Light Blonde with a fresh finish. 902 Extra Light Beige Blonde is a creamier Light Blonde with milk infused tones that deliver an ultra glossy Hair Colour. 908 Extra Light Silver Blonde is the Highlift with the strongest Toning capabilities, with sleek, Silver hues create a strong chic Platinum Blonde.

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