Hair 101: What is a Chocolate Hair Colour?

Soon you'll be asking, why wouldn't I want a Chocolate Hair Colour?

You might be surprised to know that Chocolate doesn’t only describe a Dark Hair Colour. Chocolate, rather, describes the style of the Hair Colour, and unlike our favourite guilty pleasure, Chocolate Hair Colours have more range to them than milk and dark pigments to delight the Hair with.

You’ll find Chocolate pigments in Blondes, incorporated into Plums and, of course, in the Brunette family. To me, Chocolates are smile creators. There’s something about the way they glisten in the Light, bubbling with the enthusiasm that gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe it’s because they look like holidays and the beach and cocktails, maybe it’s their vigour they bring to the Hair and skin tone. Either way, they are a Shade worth knowing. Let’s get you introduced.

What is a Chocolate pigment?

The base of a Chocolate pigment is made up of Red and Gold pigments that give Chocolate it’s trademark bronzed hue. Typically known as a Mahogany pigment, having a double Red and Gold pigment gives the Hair Colour depth and richness, while also filling it with Warmth — making a very shiny Hair Colour.

Why do I want a Chocolate pigment?

Because Chocolates are expansive Hair Colours, meaning that their dual pigments absorb and reflect the light which gives your Hair the illusion of volume, making it look thicker than it really is. (So for all you fine Haired beauties, Chocolates are screaming your name.) Did I mention that these full bodied Shades are filled with energy, giving your Hair a healthy glow and your skin that post-vacay bronze all year long?

Who can wear it?

Classic Chocolates with strong Gold reflects suit Warm Skin Tones, whereas Chocolate Plums are more suited to Cool Skin Tones.

Where do I find Chocolate?

Three Chocolate shades take the top pick giving a good cross reference of the Chocolate variety.

Chocolate Blonde

A Warm, Medium Blonde with an awesome Golden Chocolate combination — this Chocolate Blonde stands out of the pack not only because of its voluminous hues but its sun-soaked, just stepped off the beach bronzed tones that are rarely seen in a Blonde. Ever.

Chocolate Brown

This classic Chocolate, rich in Warmth and glossy Chestnut tones, is as luxurious as you’d imagine. Watch as the Golden hues glisten and glow through your Brunette for a flawless, sun-kissed finish.

Chocolate Plum

An effortlessly glossy Chocolate filled with a flush of berry hues that shows off its rich, voluminous side with a Cool edge.

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