Hair 101: The Toning Masterclass

Tone like a pro by following our essential tips and tricks for perfecting your beautifully Cooled Hair Colour.

Now the warmer weather is here and we can start living the good life again: diving into bodies of water, basking in the warmth of the sun, long lunches outside with friends and family enjoying the giddiness of life. It is these moments where brassiness develops and has the tendency to make an unwelcomed appearance.

Although generally associated with Blondes, brassiness can affect all Hair Colours. Getting on top of your brassiness is easy, so we've compiled everything you need to know about Toning including the products you'll need, how to do it and what to look out for while Toning your Hair.

Why do you Tone?

Your Hair Colour can begin to develop Golden, Orange or Yellow Tones, known as Warmth or Brassiness. Brassiness grows through the Hair for a variety of reasons including time in the sun, regular washing, heat styling and as normal part of Colouring. It's also important to note that some Hair Colours are Naturally more susceptible than others to Warmth. Toning counteracts Warmth to rebalance your Hair Colour.

Why don't we use purple shampoos or purple rinses?

For 3 key reasons.

1. Brassy Hair needs more than just a Tone, it needs replenishment of Colour that a purple toner can't offer. Toning with a conditioning Colour formula refills your Hair with a fresh gloss of Colour.
2. Purple toners leave your Hair Colour flat and matte, we insist our Toners do the exact opposite: give your Hair life and shine.
3. Each Hair Colour has different needs and so we need a Toner Kit that caters to your Hairs needs.

How to choose the right Toner Kit for you

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Pearl Blonde
Toner Kit

The Pearl Blonde Toner Kit

Calm brassiness with a less intense Toner, dialling down Warmth with creamy pearlescent reflects.
Perfect for: Light to Very Light Blondes
Cool-o-meter: Mild.
Toning reflect: Milky Soft.

My Hairdresser

The Light Ash Toner Kit

These hard-working Ash pigments fight off brassiness with intense, shine obsessed Silver Ash reflects.
Perfect for: Dark to Very Light Blondes
Cool-o-meter: Strong.
Toning reflect: Crisp Silver hues.

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Dark Blonde
Toner Kit

The Dark Ash Toner Kit

Brassiness isn't just a problem for Light Blondes, calm brassiness and improve the Tone with a unique deep cooling formula specifically created for Dark Blonde and Brunette shades.
Perfect for: Dark Blondes to Brunettes
Cool-o-meter: Strong.
Toning reflect: Intense Dark Ash hues.

Do Toner Kits cover Greys?

No. The Toner Kit formula will not cover greys and has zero lightening abilities. It is, however, perfect for that awkward stage when you want to embrace your Greys but you still have two-toned Hair. Toning over your Greys and combing your mixture through your Lightened or Colour Removed ends will help blend the two Colours into a smooth, Cool shade.

Do I apply my Toning mixture on wet or dry Hair?

Dry Hair, which may seem unusual if you're a regular toning shampoo user.

Where do I apply the Toning mixture?

Apply your mix to the brassiest parts of your Hair first, then spread to get a smooth blend using a Wide Tooth Comb. If you have Natural Hair that does not need Toning, avoid covering it in your mixture if you plan to Colour it in the future.

How long should I leave the Toner mixture on for?

We suggest leaving your Toning mixture on your Hair for 5 - 20 minutes, but the best time depends on your Hair. Very porous Hair will soak up the Cool pigment quickly, whereas Hair with a lot of Warmth may find 20 minutes is not enough. It is important to keep a very close eye on your Hair while it is developing and wash it as you reach your desired Tone. Do not leave on your Hair for longer than 45 minutes.

How do I know when my Toning is done?

It might seem tricky to see once your Hair is covered in product, but you will begin to notice your Hair starting to Tone and Cool. To get the best check, pull a strand of Hair and use the tips of your fingers (of course wearing gloves) squeeze the strand and glide down, wiping the Toner off to reveal your Colour. You are looking for a creamy Cool shade.

Yes, your Hair will still be damp but you will be able to get an idea of how it looks.

How often will I need to Tone?

When you need it, but not too regularly to avoid Build Up. The sweet spot generally falls somewhere between 4-6 weeks or when touching up your roots.

If you find your Tone washes out quickly, consider the products you are using. Anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoos are harsh on your Colour as are warming Colour correction shampoos and conditioners.

For Toning longevity protect your Hair in simple ways: wearing a hat while in the sun and wetting your Hair with fresh water or combing conditioner through your Hair before jumping in salty or chlorinated water and giving your Hair a good rinse after swimming.

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