Hair 101: How To Paint Baby Lights

These uber fine, beautifully dainty shimmers of sun kissed hues add a youthful glow and dimension to your Colour.

The likelihood you have double taped, pinned or saved a picture of Hair gleaming with the soft glimmer of Baby Lights is high. These uber fine, beautifully dainty shimmers of sunkissed hues add a youthful glow and dimension to your Colour emulating the natural, blendable style from summers of your childhood. We love their low-maintenance style and easy grow out, but it's their transformative power that really excites us. Keep reading to discover everything to know about the magical wonder of Baby Lights and how to paint them yourself.

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Who are Baby Lights ideal for?

Baby Lights are perfect for those with virgin, unColoured Hair, that want to add some subtle brightening slices of Blonde. Break up balayage or highlighted Hair by sporadically adding Baby Lights through the top of your Hair for a lived-in, low maintenance Colour.

Baby Lights are the most effective over virgin Hair, which Naturally sits around a Light Brown to Medium Blonde lightness.

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How To Paint Baby Lights

What you will need:

Baby Lights Bundle
Wide Tooth Comb
Sectioning Clips
Aluminium foil

Using the Baby Light Bundle, combine your Colour mixture using a 1:2 ratio (for example: 1 tube of Colour to 120mls of Developer).

Part your Hair in the middle and section, leaving out a few fine pieces around your face that you want to be Baby Lights.

Tip: Ensure you do not stack your Baby Lights on top of each other, leaving plenty of your Natural Hair as a base between each Baby Light to create a sun-kissed dimension.

Starting with one Baby Light at a time, place a piece of foil underneath the Hair and turn your Tint Brush on its small side. Paint your Colour mixture as close to your roots as possible, avoiding the scalp, and down to your ends — making sure the Hair is well covered. Squeeze the foil around the Hair, ensuring the Colour mixture doesn't bleed onto the rest of your Hair. Repeat until all your Baby Lights are covered.

Tip: Always using gloves, alternatively lightly dip your thumb and index fingertips in Colour and squeeze them from the top of the Hair to the ends.

Leave on the Hair for 40-45minutes to develop. Keep an eye on your processing Colour. If your Hair is getting too hot and developed, remove the foils.

Once the development time has been reached, rinse the Hair for 3 to 5 minutes in warm water until water runs clear. Condition Hair as normal.

Now it's time to enjoy your sparkling delicate tones!

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