Hair 101: 10 Must Know Hair Colouring Basics

From your Colour timing, to your Hairs grease levels to ways to minimise damage — elevate your home Hair Colour experience by mastering these basics.

It's a tale as old as time. A member of the My Hairdresser family writes us, nervous about Colouring their Hair for the first time — worried they are going to turn their Hair purple (why does it always seem to be purple?). But they've read our support pages and think they can do it (you can!). A few days later, we'll receive a reply full of a beautiful smiling face showing off their fresh Colour. And it's not long until we hear from them again, bouyed with confidence from their latest success asking how to do another technique. Their emails will, 90% of the time, include "now I've gotten the basics down I think I am ready".

The basics of Colouring are the foundation to a great Hair Colour. From your Colour timing, to your Hairs grease levels to ways to minimise damage — elevate your home Hair Colour experience by brushing up on these basics.

1. Give Yourself Time

A beautiful Hair Colour doesn't develop *clicks fingers* like that. Never rush the development time or cut it short. Set aside enough time to apply and process your Colour for the best result.

2. Start Early

My best advice is to do a morning Colour. You know what its like, the day can quickly get away from you, and if you're anything like me you might need a follow up Tone. Harness that caffeine buzz baby.

3. Grease Is Good

Let your Hair get greasy! Apply your Colour to dirty Hair and your natural oils will help to protect your scalp.

4. Say No To Styling Products

Keep your Hair free from styling products, dry shampoos or gels before Colouring. Applying Colour on top of them is a huge no no, they will block your Colour from penetrating and effect your result.

5. Opt For One Colour Wonders

So many beautiful Colours — Brunettes, Blondes, Coppers — are able to be done in one Colour process. Natural Shades give Hair a fresh gloss of pigment, replenishing shine in one process. Or add dimension with Chocolate or Copper Colours with one high impact application.

6. When You're In Between Two Shades

When you're debating between two Colours, always go Lighter. It's easier to add depth later rather than going too Dark too soon and having to Colour Remove and start again.

7. Preventing Damage

We love coconut oil. It's an all-rounder, conditioning your Hair while protecting your Colour, especially during Summer when chlorine, salt and sun drains and fades your Colour to buggery.

8. Skip The Styling Products

We're not big fans of the heavy use of styling products and hot tools. They can compromise your Colour, causing brassiness in Blonde and Brunette shades.

9. Wait To Wash

Wait 2-4 days to wash your Hair after you've done your Colour to allow your Hair to settle and help give your Colour longevity.

10. Commit To Your Colour

Certain Colours like Cool Blondes or bright Coppers like attention and will want you to dote on them quite a bit. Regular Toning will help maintain brassiness and Colour Top Up Technique are perfect to keep your Colour popping, just own it and commit.

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