Copper vs Red: How To Pick Your Crimson Hue

Subtle undertones or a Hair Colour in maxed-out pigments? Here's how to decide if it's Red or Copper that's the hue for you.

Red Hair, Copper Hair, Red Copper, Copper Red, Mahogany Red, Intense Copper, Plum Red — wait, is Plum still Red? "Red Hair" is a simple way to group together so many variations under one name and banner, which, if I'm honest I can find a touch annoying because these Colours are so beautiful with their own characteristics.

Whether you love subtle undertones or you're feeling a Hair Colour in maxed-out pigments, there's a Red Hair Colour calling your name, here's how to decide if it's Red or Copper that's the hue for you.

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Pick Your Crimson Hue: Copper

Copper's Orange and Yellow Undertones are distinctively brighter than a Red Hair Colour and are among our best sellers because of the way they fill your Hair with dazzling pops of Highlighting hues. Better suited to those wanting a softer Red Colour tone, Copper's joyous Orange tones are a dream to spice up tired Hair and skintone or watch Copper's versatility in action and mix with another shade to dial down the intensity to create a beautiful Natural looking Strawberry Blonde.

Copper Vs Red

Copper Hair Colours are made up of Orange and Yellow pigments.
Copper Hair Colours are brighter and more glowing than a Red Colour.
Great in Lighter Hair Colours and Blonde Shades.
Perfect to enhance "Natural" Red heads.
Suits those with Warm Skin Tones with Bronzed or ruddier complexions.

Try These Copper Shades

Try These Copper Cocktails

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser

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Pick Your Crimson Hue: Red

Red Undertones are punchy, fuller pigments that are richer and more indulgent compared to Copper. Like your favourite wine, Red Hair Colour varieties have different characteristics: full bodied Mahogany and Plum hues that add volume and dimension or fire Red pigments that indulge Hair in magnificently intense, light-catching Tones. Whether you choose pure indulgent tones or multi-dimensional ones, Red's fantastical intensity ensures you'll never be bored of your Hair Colour.

Red vs Copper

Red Hair Colours have a base of Red pigments.
Red Hair Colours have more depth and intense bold reflects than Copper Colours.
Adds dimension and volume in Darker Hair Colours.
Suits those with Cool Skin Tones.

Try These Red Shades

My Hairdresser
Intense Dark Red
My Hairdresser
Pure Plum

Try These Red Variations

My Hairdresser
Deep Plum Red
My Hairdresser

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Pick Your Crimson Hue: What If You Want A Hair Colour With Red And Copper?

A Red and Copper blend is truly beautiful, combining grounding Red pigments with bountiful eye-catching Copper tones creates a brighter and rustier Shade or a crimson Red with fresh Copper reflects.

Try These Red Copper Shades

My Hairdresser
Dark Red
My Hairdresser
Rich Copper Red

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