Before and After — How I went from Light Blonde to a Salted Caramel

Thanks to the Colour Consultants who guided me.

When I start getting that feeling for change I’m quick to head to the oracle, known in our world as the Colour Consultants — real human beings with an enormous wealth of Colour knowledge who coincidently are the ones answering your questions via emails and DM’s. So like clockwork, I was back chewing their ear off while the oracle pulled out their Colour compass mapping my latest adventure and, as expected, got me safely to my final destination.

The Colour Brief

Currently, I have a two-toned Light Blonde Hair Colour with Light Blonde roots and even Lighter ends. I want to even my Hair Colour into one solid Dark Blonde and re-energise my Hair with a touch of Warmth to also give my face a lift. I don’t want a straight Gold Colour because I Naturally throw a lot of Warmth, so I need the Warmth subdued.

The Colour I Want To Be

I love the Salted Caramel Blonde and the combination of Natural Blonde Tones flushed with a Golden glow to build off my Natural Warmth.

After talking with a Colour Consultant she informed me that because I have a two toned Blonde with much Lighter ends she recommended that I do two Colour processes to get the solid, single Hair Colour I want.

During my first process, I only needed to focus on Colouring my ends to build the Colour back, similar to using a Colour filler. Then Colour my entire head, from top to bottom during my second process.

The Products I Used

The Salted Caramel Blonde (1/2 x 8 Light Blonde + 1/2 x 7.53 Chocolate Blonde)
20 Volume Developer

I have a lot of Hair that loves to soak up Colour like a sponge, so for my second process, I upped my mixture to 3/4 Tube x 8 Light Blonde + 3/4 Tube x 7.53 Chocolate Blonde mixed with 1 1/2 Bottles of 20 Volume Developer to completely cover my entire head.

The Application

Step 1.

I applied my Colour mixture over my Lightened ends. Processed for 40 minutes and washed out.

Step 2.

I wanted to get my Hair done all at once (I didn’t want to have to pack up and reassemble my makeshift home salon) so after my first Colour, I blow dried my Hair until it was completely dry.

Step 3.

I applied my Hair Colour from top to bottom. Processed for 40 minutes and washed it out.

Thank you to my oracle.

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