Barbie Blonde: How To Get The Hottest Hair Colour Trend

Don't have Blonde envy, unleash your inner Barbie with these Barbie Blonde variations you can copy at home.

Barbie's back and we've been watching the beautiful Margot Robbie's promo tour like a hawk, enjoying her various pink themed outfits at each appearance. No doubt you know what I am going to say next — "but it's her Blonde that we're obsessed with". And it's true! Barbies bleached Blonde days are over, Margot's variation is a softer, Honeyed hue woven with glittered Golden tones that just scream star-power. So of course we're going to copy it, how could you not! But we haven't stopped at one, we've included a few Barbiecore Blonde Shade variations, all as glossy and bouncy as each other, to achieve your perfect Barbie Blonde from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Photo: Instagram @margotdaily

The Modern Barbie Blonde

The new Barbie Blonde is a classic hue featuring sun-lit Honey and Naturally styled Blondes, imagine Sandy Blonde Undertones, like an ode to Baywatch Barbie taking you back to the 90's.

Copy The Modern Barbie Blonde With These Hair Colour Shades

My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde
My Hairdresser

Photo: Instagram @andrewmukamal

The Cool Barbie Blonde

Channel Barbies sophisticated side, embracing dreamy, buttery Tones to show off the undeniable chicness of these Undertones. These creamy hues radiate an air of effortless elegance, showing off Barbie's extravagant, high-fashion side, perfect for your next signature shade.

Copy The Cool Barbie Blonde With These Hair Colour Shades

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser

Photo: Instagram @barbiethemovie

The Platinum Barbie Blonde

It's impossible to forget Barbie's super-stardom and these Highlifts are the perfect sparkle to match her favourite diamond choker. Tap into the refined essence of Barbie Blonde, embracing a new level of glamour with these ultra-Light Ash and Silver Undertones.

Copy The Platinum Barbie Blonde With These Hair Colour Shades

Photo: Instagram @instyleaus

The New Age Barbie Blonde

For the new age Barbie Blonde we're pairing it back and painting a few soft Highlights through the front of your Hair, beautifully framing your face. This Barbie Blonde style is perfect for Natural Colourer's who want a hint of the iconic style.

Copy The New Age Barbie Blonde With These Hair Colour Shades

My Hairdresser
Baby Lights

Barbie is nothing without her Accessories, why should you be any different? Recreate your favourite Barbie Blonde variation with these essential Barbiecore Accessories.

Product Crate

It's a the Barbie Dream House for all your Hair Colouring products.

My Hairdresser

Wide Tooth Comb

Barbie Hair must always be combed to perfection, delicately detangled and effortlessly looked after, of course.

My Hairdresser
Wide Tooth

Pink Claw Clip

This essential has Barbie written all over it, casual Cool and perfect for all her activities.

My Hairdresser


Barbie Hair needs it bounce, no matter the styling. Have some fun with these easy to use retro curlers.

My Hairdresser
Green Velcro

Towel Scrunchie

Power your perfect pony or cute top knot with this jumbo moisture absorbing Scrunchie and protect your Blonde from heat styling.

My Hairdresser
Green Velcro

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