Attention Please: Introducing The Intense Ash Brown Our Coolest Shade Ever

This is big! We've just launched a new Hair Colour Shade and it's the Coolest one we’ve ever created.

Breaking News: We've just dropped our first Hair Colour Shade in a looong time — introducing 5.11 Intense Ash Brown.

One of the best parts of our job is how much we get to speak with you and watching you develop into pro's. 5.11 is an exact reflection of this and feels like a collaborative effort. You've made it clear you loved Dark Hair Colours with a Cool base, so we created the Dark Ash Blonde and Beige Brown Colour Cocktails. Now we've upped the ante, doubling the intensity and adding more depth to create our Coolest Hair Colour ever.

Undoubtedly monochromatic courtesy of its enormous double Ash undertone and slinky Brunette hues, 5.11 Intense Ash Brown crisp pigments target Warmth with a fierce Tone, perfect for Brunettes who suffer from brassiness. As you'd expect from our Range the nourishing, conditioner rich ingredients ensure your Hair is replenished with glossy, opulent shine.

These powerful Ash pigments are beautifully matched to Cool or Neutral Skin tones who want an intensely Cool Brunette hue. If you Naturally throw Warmth 5.11's double Ash pigments are the perfect counter to the brassiness.

5.11 Intense Ash Brown In Real Life

We tested this Hair Colour on one of our team. Lauren is a Natural 7 Medium Blonde who was over Lightening and wanted to give her Hair a break by switching to a Darker shade. She was the perfect candidate because she throws a lot of Warmth, and although not a Red head she has the Red gene, so Gold seems to appear whenever Hair Colour comes close to her Hair.

Lauren's Hair was preLightened and in desperate need to be filled, so we applied a Colour Filler (using 7.3 Golden Blonde and No Lift Developer) over her Lightened Hair. Next step was to use the 5.11 Intense Ash Brown over her entire Hair, which was of particular interest to us to see how the Ash pigments handled her Natural brass. As you can see, the Ash coverage is incredible, while those crisp Brunette hues are to-die-for.

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