Ask My Hairdresser: Why Does My Hair Go Orange?

The causes of Warmth are many, but these 5 key reasons are what keep Brassiness coming back. 

As someone who regularly experiences brassiness, typically as I get close to a root touch-up, it's a topic I think about often. I Tone, I protect my Hair when I'm in the sun but the reality is, I Naturally throw a lot of Warmth so Toning will always be a part of my Colour routine no matter the time of year.

Brassiness, also known as Warmth or Warm Orange and Yellow Tones, aren't just a Blonde thing, you'll also experience them as a Brunette. The causes of Warmth are many — Colouring, Natural disposition, your lifestyle — but, thankfully, the road back to smooth, glossy, healthier Hair Colour is easy and the same regardless of your Colour type: Toning.

If you're wondering what brings about Warmth and Brassiness in your Hair, keep reading to discover the potential causes.

You're Naturally Warm

Those with beautiful, glowing hues such as Red Heads or those with Golden, Honey Coloured locks and more prone to brassiness once Colouring because of their Naturally Warm base.

Your Hair Colour throws Warmth

Sure, Naturally you may have a Cool, Ashy "dirty" Blonde but your genetics will tell you when you start Colouring your Hair, your Warm side will come out.

You've Lightened Your Hair

Naturally, all Hair Colour pigment is made up of Yellow, Orange and Red pigments and as you Lighten Hair these pigments are removed, making the underlying Warm Tones become more visible.

You've Colour Removed

The best sign of a successful Colour Remover is Brassiness. Similar to Lightening, where you remove the Yellow, Orange and Red pigments, Colour Remover removes the artificial pigment from your previous Colour shade leaving your Hair with Warmth from the previous Developers used.

Your Lifestyle

If you live in a climate-controlled bubble it's easy to maintain your perfect Colour, but when you're washing, styling, swimming, sweating or walking outside your Hair is sure to be tarnished, wearing down your Colour with Warm pigments.

When Brassiness becomes a problem in your Hair Colour, try these Toner Kits.

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