A Guide To Copper Hair Colour

From fiery Red to bright and glowing, find your perfect Copper Hair Colour you can Colour with at home.

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I think it's fairly obvious we’re having a real Copper moment. We’re pulling inspiration from our Copper Range and adding it into our Colour mixers (like the Strawberry Blonde) or we’ll be ‘gramming about them whenever we can fit them in without overloading the feed.

If there’s anything to take away from Coppers it is that they are diverse. Some rich, others deep, the occasional Auburn hues and the Intense. So if the Copper has caught your eye too and you're not 100% sure of the serving suggestions start with this first tip.

Coppers Colour number is .4 which means any Colour with .4 in its number has a Copper reflect.
Another thing. Coppers suit Warm Undertones, and as these skin undertones crave Depth and Warmth the Copper Tones will flatter and warm up the complexion and won’t wash you out.

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6.4 Dark Copper Blonde

6.4 Dark Copper Blonde is a pure Copper that has no other reflects, just Copper and a 6 Dark Blonde base. It’s a Colour that can be worn at any age, softening any lines, crevasses and heavy shadowing, while adding a glow back into your cheeks.

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Dark Copper Blonde

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7.46 Rich Copper Red

7.46 Rich Copper Red is a fuller shade with deep, rich Copper and Red Tones and a 7 Medium Blonde base which means it won’t be too dark. When these Tones fuse together, they create a Copper with more Red hues compared to a typical “Orange” Copper.

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Rich Copper Red

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8.44 Intense Copper Blonde

When your desire is to have a Colour that is unapologetically bright and intense in equal amounts, choose 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde. But then this funny thing happens, you see those Light Copper hues and even though this is a seriously vibrant Colour, it is also quite delicate too.

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Intense Copper Blonde

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The Peach Blonde

Mixing the Lightness of 9 Light Blonde with a dash of 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde smoothes down the Copper’s animation into a pastel, Peach sorbet hue that is the perfect top up when you want to add some zest to a dull Blonde.

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The Chestnut Brunette

For a tamer way to join the Copper train, the Chestnut Brunette offers you depth, Warmth and Copper altogether. This combination gives the Hair a punchy glow whilst still being reserved.

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