Colour Match: Nigella Lawson

We can't mimic her sultry, a sassy attitude or cooking, but we have our own set of skills that can recreate her delicious, glossy Chocolate.

Photo: Tumblr

We LOVE Nigella. She's sultry, a little sassy and keeps us mesmerised with those side glances and that purring voice. To us, she is the all hail kind of woman. Since she has spent a few weeks on our shores, mesmerising us all over again, the fate was sealed. Who else, but one of our favourite Brunette's, could be this month's Colour Match.

Photo: Tumblr

The key to Nigella’s Colour is simplicity. It's a single, Natural based Colour, that compliments her fair complexion beautifully and highlights her dark features. It’s glossy, dark and incredibly delicious.

The key to this Colour is depth. You need a Dark Brown that is so dark, it is almost black, but also features a Brunette reflect, so the Colour doesn't look harsh or too flat. Our 3 Dark Brown is the perfect Colour for the job. It’s rich and dark, like her 70% cocoa we all know she is fond of. It has that same classic, deep Colour tone and is gorgeously glossy.


If a 3 Dark Brown is too dark for you, and you want to be just a little lighter and your Colour a little warmer, try a Colour mix. Combine equal parts of 3 Dark Brown and 5.53 Chocolate Brown into your kitchen aid, I mean Tint Bowl, for a lighter approach. It is perfect for those who aren’t as fair as Nigella and want some Chocolate Brown hues through the Hair.


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