Hair 101: Developer Masterclass

What is Developer and why do you need it?

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When you pick up one of our Colours, you will notice on the front of the box there is a Colour sticker that recommends a Developer to use with it. So what is Developer and what is it good for? Let us explain.

What is Developer?

A My Hairdresser Developer is a creme Peroxide that you use when Colouring with a Permanent Hair Colour or Bleaching. A Developer will either lift (lighten) or deposit (darken).

Why do we use it?

You mix a Developer with a primary ingredient; a Hair Colour or Bleach, to activate it. Without Developer these Products will not “develop” and won’t give you the result you desire. Your Developer choice is very important, as it will decide your Colour result. Choosing the wrong Developer is one of the most common home Colour mistakes.

Use Developer to:

Colour Natural / virgin Hair to lighten the Hair.
Bleach to lighten / remove Colour pigment.
Colour Natural or Coloured Hair to make the Hair Colour darker.

When choosing your Developer, its important to know the difference between each Developer and which one is right for you. Here is a breakdown.

No Lift Developer

No Lift

It’s all in the name. No Lift will not lift or lighten your Hair, it can only deposit Colour. Use No Lift to Colour your Hair darker than your Natural Colour. It is also excellent to use when Toning or as a Colour “rinse” / Demi Colour.
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20 Volume

20 Vol is our most commonly used Developer. It is what you will find in most box Colours as it is a great all rounder. It allows you to Colour your Hair 2 shades lighter than your Natural Colour, perfect to use when Colouring your Hair with darker Colour. If you have over 50% Greys, 20 Vol is the only Developer to use for 100% Grey coverage and a longer lasting Colour. Use it with Bleach to get a “gentler” result.
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30 Volume

If you are looking for a Developer that is a little bit stronger and will give you that lighter, more intense Colour, then pick a 30 Volume Developer. 30 Vol will lift your Hair 3 shades lighter than your Natural. The lighter your Hair, generally the brighter or more intense your Hair Colour can be. 30 Vol is great to use with Red’s, Coppers and Medium Blondes. It can also be used with Bleach for a “strong” result.
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40 Volume

40 Vol is our strongest Developer and has the ability to make big changes. It will lift your Hair 4 shades, so it's made for Blondes, particularly our High Lift Colours. 40 Vol can be used if you are Naturally Dark and are looking to achieve a Medium to Dark Blonde. It can be used with Bleach for a “drastic” result. But with strength can come consequence so use carefully as it can cause damage to the Hair.
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