5 reasons your Hair Colour looks cheap

It mainly involves everything you did before you found My Hairdresser.

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Why does Hair Colour look cheap?
Is it due to poor choices?
Laziness? Money? Lack of time?

Our conclusion is e. All of the above, with the addition of f. Some people just have no idea.

And g. Colourers commit the ultimate sin by using a Range other than ours, signalling the real point where the problems began.

Here are the other 5 reasons.

You Colour your full head every time you Colour.

Whether you developed the habit because you hated waste (you don’t need to worry with our Range, it's all resealable and reusable) or because you wanted your Colour to be as vibrant through your ends as it is at your regrowth, you must stop this habit. It just adds Colour Build Up to your Hair making it look heavy, dark and dull and eventually it will look unhealthy. Instead, use the Colour Top Up Technique to keep your ends vibrant and your Colour healthy.

You never consider your skin Tone.

This may sound ridiculously simple, but too many people choose a Hair Colour without considering their complexion. Harsh Blacks or bitter Reds are a sure sign of a DIY job, not to mention how much they can age you. Choose Colours to soothe, compliment and highlight your features, rather than a Colour that makes your Hair look seperate from your head.

Remember, Cool Undertones need Colours that are flatter to enhance the complexion like Ash, Cool Naturals or Violet Colours. Warm Undertones crave Colours with Depth like Warm Naturals, Golden or Bronzed hues and Strawberry Blondes.

You need to stop with the tiger stripe Highlights.

Big chunky Highlights, too many Highlights or a severe Colour difference between your Highlights and the rest of your Hair, scream tacky. Keep your Highlights no more than 2 shades Lighter than your Natural Hair Colour and start them lower off your Hairline, painting them casually through your Hair.

You must clean up your Blonde.

A bad Blonde is a trashy one and will tell you immediately if the person doing it was inexperienced. A poor Lightening process, uneven coverage or damaged Hair will automatically draw the eye to the Hair for all the wrong reasons.

Brassy Blondes can easily be smoothed out by Toning and over Toned, Grey or Green Blondes can be injected with Warm or Natural hues to bring them back to life. If you’re looking for dimension, add in a few Lowlights through the underneath for character.

You leave your regrowth unattended.

5 centimetres of Dark roots with Light Blonde ends, made even worse with the addition of brassy Colour bands, are the text book description of a cheap Hair Colour. Forget why it's happening, styles like this do nothing for you.

If you want to grow out your Colour there are nicer ways to do it, like painting staggered Highlights through your Hair to break up the Colour lines. If the problem is that you struggle to keep up with the Regrowth applications, consider a low maintenance Colour or Colour style that can include your Regrowth.

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