4 of the best Honey Blonde Hair Colours

Versatile suits most skin undertones and rejuvenates and energises even the dullest Hair and skin tone. I think we might be onto a winner.

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Oh, Honey Blonde. You delicious, classic Blonde shade that suits most, rejuvenates and energises even the dullest Hair and skin tones while highlighting the complexion unlike no other. It's practically the dream Colour that can jump through the generations without being an imposter at any stage in life.

Basically, we’re obsessed with any Colour that’s this versatile and with that, let us introduce our latest Colour mixer: The Honey Blonde. Now if this opener wasn’t enough to convince you that this Colour is for you, a quick scroll might have you changing your mind.

Photo: Tumblr

Look like you’ve always just stepped out of the sun with Honey Blondes Golden pigments. They bring Warmth and a glow to your Hair and skin, that brings out the peachy hues in your cheeks and flatters your features.

Photo: Tumblr

When you’re looking to add volume to your Blonde incorporate the Honey Blonde into your mix. It’s rich, shiny hues will catch the Light for a full and robust Colour. Which is perfect if you want to get the illusion of thick, luxurious Hair.

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Honey Blonde’s Natural Tones disguise any evidence of ageing as it’s formulation is made up of all the right ingredients to ensure great Grey coverage and a soothing Colour tone.

Photo: Tumblr

Honey Blonde is low key Colour and one of the few Colours that can take you through multiple generations. That little splash of Warmth does wonders for the complexion and highlights all the right places.

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