3 variations of Rose Gold Hair Colour you should try now

This is one Colour trend you can have some serious fun with.

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Some Colour trends are like gum; once it gets stuck to your shoe - its a struggle to get rid of it. Rose Gold is one of these situations, making it insanity to head into Spring without mastering the hue. So we challenged ourselves to a Colour duel to develop our favourite version, which quickly broadened to our top 3.

We impressed ourselves on this one.

But first, if you’re not familiar with Rose Gold, here is a quick introduction.

Rose Gold is a Warm and Cool Hair Colour, that will have subdued Copper or Violet reflects. These Vibrant Colours with softer reflects means it suits a bunch of skin tones. Let’s say you like Copper’s, but they don't like you, you will have a better chance with a Rose Gold because it’s a softer, muted Colour tone. In some cases, Rose Gold looks more like a rinse than a Colour and get’s its character from its washed out appearance.

These are our top 3 Colour mixtures.

Photo: Tumblr

The Blush Rose Gold

Mixture: 3/4 x 9.3 Light Golden Blonde + 1/4 x 7.20 Cool Violet.

9.3 makes this Colour Light and Warm and the sprinkling of 7.20 with its Violet hues, keeps the Colour Cool and gives just the right amount of punch for that deeper pink, Rose Gold hue. This Colour is fun and for the moment and isn’t meant to be a permanent or long term Colour choice.

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The Deep Violet Rose

Mixture: 3/4 x 9 Very Light Blonde + 1/4 x 7.20 Cool Violet.

This combo might not be a true Rose Gold because it lacks Warmth, but the Gold deficiency makes room for Deep Violet Tones, that are hushed down to a tailored washed out look when mixed with the 9 Light Blonde. This Colour is light, soft and subdued, which still fits all the requirements of a Rose Gold Colour. Plus it sticks with the Rose Gold theme of not taking life so serious, just enjoying your Hair moment.

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The Rose Copper Gold

Mixture: 3/4 x 9 Very Light Blonde + 1/4 x 7.46 Rich Copper Red.

This is a true Rose Gold and our favourite Rose Gold mix. The combination of the two Colours brings a hit of Copper that is softened by the 9 Light Blonde making a creamier, peachy rich pink hue. It is a little more sensible that the other 2 Colour’s and can be a long term Colour choice.

Our Rose Gold serving suggestions:

We have created these Colour for a softer, glossy Colour approach and to mix with a No Lift Developer. The Colour recommendations are for Colouring over Blonde or pre Lightened Hair to get the intensity and best result. If you want to apply it over Darker/Brunette Hair, you will only add slight Golden / Violet / Copper hues.

Alert! These Colour’s will fade and become a little lighter with each wash. Keep your washing to a minimum or opt to top up the Colour when you need a refill.

If you’re looking for a Colour that is fun without being obnoxiously in your face, Rose Gold is the hit of energy you might be looking for.

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