The cheats guide to adding energy to your dull Hair Colour

Do you want a rich, voluminous Colour with an easy application? We have your solution.

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Did you think you were destined to a life of flat, boring Hair Colour because you can’t be bothered to do Highlights or Lowlights? Do you want a rich, voluminous Colour with an easy application? We have your solution.

You need a multi pigment Hair Colour.

Say what?

A multi pigment Hair Colour has 2 or 3 Colours blended in, to give your Hair reflects. So unlike a Natural Hair Colour (eg 3 Dark Brown) with no added pigment, you are getting a variety of different shades through, such as Red, Golden, Ash Tones, that will pump up your Hair Colour.

You can tell if a Colour is multi pigmented by the Colour Number. If a Colour has a point in it, (e.g. 7.3 Golden Blonde or 7.53 Chocolate Blonde), the numbers after the point are added pigments or reflects. Colours with a single number are not multi pigmented.

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Why should you use a multi pigment Colour?

For a variety of reasons.

We choose them because of how they pump up your Hair and Colour. The reflects and multi tones create an illusion of extra Volume. When the reflects catch the light, it adds another dimension to your Hair, making it look full and plenty. And for those of us with finer Hair, it can work wonders.

Multi pigmented Colours come in an assortment of shades and are fantastic to boost a Natural Hair Colour in one go. Colours such as 5.53 Chocolate Brown and 7.53 Chocolate Blonde are close to a Natural Hair Colour, but use their reflects to add subtle, warm accents to a Colour without having to actually add highlights. Whereas Colours like 5.64 Dark Red Copper and 7.46 Rich Copper Red are bold and dramatic, and use their reflects to add incredible energy and intensity for a striking Hair Colour. Even use these Colours to spice up a dull Colour without such intensity, by mixing a 5.64 or 7.46 with a Natural shade such as 5 Light Brown or 7 Medium Blonde, to liven up the Natural shade and still give you subtle Copper reflects.

The beauty of these Colour is that all the hard work has been done for you. In each tube is a perfectly devised formulation, with the right amounts of each tones, hues and reflects, for a beautiful Hair Colour.

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